Unable to load a team

Hi guys, i am new here, i would like to know why am i unable to load a team that i built using the pokemon lab. they wrote :"Selected file could not be loaded" Help please. thanks alot in advance
Are you trying to load the Pokemon Lab made team into Shoddy Battle? Because just like you can't unfortunately use an Arceus against the Elite Four in RBY, you can't load a .sbt file into the older version called Shoddy...
Make sure your team is valid, open it in Notepad/WordPad, or an XML Editor and check if anything seems to be wrong.
Quick question: Do Shoddy teams work for Pokemon Lab? Because, while I can load my old, Shoddy-made team into the Find tab, I can't load it into the Team Builder. What am I doing wrong? I also can't seem to save new, Pokelab-made teams at all.
I am having a similar problem. Whenever I edit a team on PokeLab and then try to use it it cannot be loaded (says something about cannot read file). So I tried editing the team on Shoddy battle, and then ot works fine.
If you did not change your team in PokeLab however, I think it's best to remake the team (you can copy the team text and past it).

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