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Lost to Hogg 3-2 in a really fun series, well played and ggs man!

ORAS game 1: http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/smogtours-uu-151211
I used bulky offense with a defensive core of Slowking and Diancie, Krook and Coba as wallbreakers, and Crobat and MowTom to revenge / clean up, while Hogg brought a really cool DragMag team packing RD Kingdra. Cobalion put a lot of pressure on him early game, and getting rid of Forry especially was huge since it meant that I could play freely without worrying about hazards. Not much else to say really, Coba busted a huge hole in his team and after that I just had to play sensibly and pick off his sweepers. I made sure I kept Diancie healthy in order to beat his Dragons late-game.

ORAS game 2: http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/smogtours-uu-151216
Hogg jokingly told me earlier he was going to bring Shuckle + T Spikes Cofa and he actually did end up using it lol. I figured Scarf Hydrei was my main wincon here seeing as it was immune to webs and outsped and OHKOed the majority of his team. I used Slowking and Toxicroak pretty recklessly early on to get rid of his hazard setters and thereafter I had to play around Absol well and use Slowking to check Medicham when needed. I got a lucky Scald burn on Absol that made the win more comfortable.

ORAS game 3: http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/smogtours-uu-151219
I brought a powerful core of CB Haxorus + SD Hera supported by Tailwind Cune and Whimsicott. My main aim was to weaken Gligar and Empoleon so that Haxorus could go to town and I largely achieved that. I misplayed turn 1 though by setting up SR when I thought Emp would do the same, forgetting that he also had a Gligar in the wings to set it up, which was huge for him since Bee now was much more threatening with Aero gone. Bee packing Protect was also bad for me since he could use it to waste Tailwind turns. In the end that's what came back to bite me along with Entei's Extreme Speed. Hogg played really well to waste Tailwind and manage Bee and Entei effectively so that they could beat Hax later on.

DPP: http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/smogtours-gen4uu-151223
Really fun game. In hindsight I should've gone straight to Houndoom and not let Donphan get smacked, but I was afraid of letting Missy set up. Rotom and Sceptile pulled it back for me and I was in a winning position with Rotom against Duggy but then he subbed on my WoW which I didn't expect at all! Scyther managed to beat Duggy with only Kangaskhan remaining but unfortunately it was at too high health to be KOed by Quick Attack.

ADV: http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/smogtours-gen3ou-151231
A haxy game but a fun one nonetheless. He brought a very threatening BP chain that I really had to work hard to contain. Rock Blasting his Scyther through the sub gave me a great shot but Hogg had one last trick up his sleeve with Sub Petaya Electrode which caught me completely off guard. In the end Electrode just about survived Manectric's Crunch with 2% to pull off the win.

Overall a hugely entertaining series, great games bro! Always a pleasure :)


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Won 3-2 vs IronBullet, ggs! Always a pleasure to play you :)

http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/smogtours-uu-151211 - G1 I brought a fun DragMag team that I have been really enjoying lately. Beedrill lures out Steels and handles fairies while wearing down teams early game, Specs Hydreigon wallbreaks, Scarfmence or RD Kingdra sweeps. That's the idea anyhow... but IB's combination of Slowking and Diancie proved a bit too much for the team. He had a cool team with those two aforementioned threats as well as some nice offensive pressure from Coba and Krook and a fast VoltTurn core of Scarf Mowtom and Crobat. Some nice playing by IB mid-game forced me to sack Forry and weaken Mags to take out his Cobalion, which I had to assume was Shuca (could have been Lum or something for Sableye, but I wasn't willing to risk my Mence to find out). From there he was able to pretty much pivot between Diancie and Slowking while using Crobat to wear down the rest of my team.

A bit sad this team didn't pull through, as it is one of my favorites I've made recently, but IB had the better team and played like a champ, so I can't really complain.

http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/smogtours-uu-151216 - So this team is one that I've actually played IB with before. It's kind of a ridiculous team that I had actually originally built to take on Christo in SPL, and tested with IB before. It's a Shuckle Offense team that relies on LO Medicham and LO Alakazam to sweep. It features some fun surprises like T-Spikes Cofa and mixed Mega-Absol. After I tested the team with IB a while back T-Spikes Cofa became kind of a meme for us, so I promised him I'd bring this team for at least one game :P IB brought a really solid team with Whimsi/Hydreigon and the always-scary Mamoswine, plus a neat little Sableye lure in Lum Berry Toxicroak.

Anyhow not much to say about the game other than that IB's Scarf Hydra basically got a kill any time it came in. Tried my best to play around it but in the end IB cruised to a comfortable win.

http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/smogtours-uu-151219 - This is a VoltTurn team I've toyed with a lot. It can struggle a bit versus Entei, but some careful playing can work around it - in particular, Pursuit on Beedrill and multiple 'mons with Protect for scouting what Entei's locked into help a lot there. Mowtom is actually a somewhat bulky Modest set with Lefties and Protect. No real surprises beyond that, though - just put on the pressure with Bee/Mowtom, try to get Entei in safely as much as possible, and sweep with Scarfshao. IB brought a really fun TW offense with TW Whimsicott and TW Suicune, plus what I believe was banded Dual Chop Haxorus and the best Heracross set in UU, SD Lefties.

Lucky for me Entei pressured the living hell out of his team, with offensive Suicune being his only switch-in to it and Aero as his only ESpeed resist, so I was able to pull through here, and our Bo5 didn't end in a complete 3-0 thumping by IB.

http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/smogtours-gen4uu-151223 - We agreed to play DPP and Adv for the last two games of our Bo5. I brought an offense team I've been toying with lately featuring an anti-lead Drapion set, Specs Missy and SubDD Feraligatr to clean up against bulkier teams and beat Milotic , who usually annoys the shit out of offense, and Duggy to help against opposing offensive teams. IB had a nice team with Band Scyther to break things down and Sceptile/Houndoom to clean.

This was a close game, but Duggy in particular troubled his team, especially once I revealed Sub to block his Rotom's WoW. Very fun game, definitely my favorite of the series.

http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/smogtours-gen3ou-151231 - For the final game of our set we played my absolute favorite meta, Adv UU. This game was fun but insanely haxy, with crits, multiple Static paras and some unfortunate misses all over the place. I brought a double-electric team with Spikes support and speedy CMPass Hypno to help Buzz/Electrode clean, plus SubReversal Scyther to break down teams midgame. IB brought a classic Adv balance squad with Hypno/Vileplume/Golem forming a nice little defensive core, CB Kanga to wallbreak and Manectric and a SubReversal Scyther of his own to clean.

Anyhow the game was haxy as hell, as I said, but in general my Hypno pretty much single handedly won the game for me. Came down in the end to rolls as my boosted Electrode had to survive a Crunch from Manectric, but in the end I won with like 2% health remaining.

Really fun series! Great games, IB :D


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Congrats to Hogg for a great win this week!

With that you're free to vote for another three competitors you would like to see face off this week, keep in mind that it cannot be hogg or ib.

my votes: Christo / Pak / Dodmen
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