UU UnderUsed Majors V - Stage 1 (Pools)

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Lindworms did it
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it doesnt seem to have been updated so just gonna repost that zben gave me the win on discord (incineroar pool)

Don't worry I'm adding AW/coinflip/deadgame at the end of R1.

Re : Krookodile Pool

Since Duvernay has not been active and Bushtush asked to sub, I grant him to join even tho we're near the end of R1.
Sabella, Loege, KSt3ve, JustFranco your new opponent is Bushtush ! Try to schedule as soon as possible and to do your matchs. Considering there will be some tiebreaks etc.. I can grant you a few more days to do your games vs Bushtush so please don't john !
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