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As UUPL marked the end of the first-ever official UU tour cycle and UU Open marks the beginning of the second, the UnderUsed Staff has been working hard to continue to improve our tour structure. In this vein, we have some exciting changes to announce regarding the state of official UnderUsed tours.

UnderUsed Majors II

Last autumn saw our first iteration of the UU Majors, where players divided into pools and battled round-robin to qualify for playoffs. After winning his way to the top of his pool and making it through a hard-fought playoff, @Lcans managed to best Rodriblutar in a grueling six-game battle to walk away as the first UU Majors champion.

While Majors had its fair share of exciting moments, we have decided that for future iterations, we are going to move to a more tried and true format: live tours. UnderUsed Majors II will be moving away from the pool format entirely. Instead, players will compete in five weeks of live tours in hopes of qualifying for playoffs.

The format will be familiar to anyone who has previously participated in Smogon Tour. During the qualifying cycle, we will host five weeks of SM UU tours (two tours per week). These tours will be played live. Players will accrue points based on how far they advance in each tour. At the conclusion of the qualifying cycle, the top players will advance to a seeded single elimination bracket for playoffs, and the winner will be crowned as the second UU Majors champion and walk away with a UU Tour Champion banner and a permanent place in our hall of fame.

Stay tuned for more information regarding this exciting new update!

...and for the big news:

Announcing the Smogon UnderUsed Championships

Finally, we would like to announce the beginning of the Smogon UnderUsed Championships! This is an exciting development that is the culmination of our official tour bracket. One of our goals when creating an official UU tournament season was developing an official ranking based on those performances. Now that we have a framework for standardized UU tours, we can reliably track individual performance in these tours.

The end result will be an annual ranking of all UU tour players, as well as a championship where the very best of the best duke it out to be crowned the UU Champion.

So how does this work? At its heart, this is fairly simple: players will accrue points based on how well they perform in each UnderUsed tour. These points will be tallied for every official tour cycle. In addition, non-official subforum tours will accrue some points, giving players an incentive to participate in smaller tours as well.

At the end of each tour cycle, we will hold the UNDERUSED CHAMPIONSHIPS, where the top 16 players get placed in seeded elimination brackets to compete for the title of UnderUsed Champion.

Points for the UU Championships will be accrued as follows:

This means that the official UU Tour Season is as follows:

  • SUMMER: Smogon Grand Slam VI - UnderUsed Open (Underway)
  • FALL: UnderUsed Majors II
  • WINTER: UnderUsed Classic II
  • SPRING: UnderUsed Premier League VI
  • Coming Soon: UnderUsed Championships I
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Major Announcement: Due to some very exciting sitewide changes (expect further information soon), UU is adjusting their circuit to run from January through December.

This change will put us more in line with other circuits, and allow our championship to crown a yearly winner. We have retroactively adjusted our points spreadsheet to accommodate these changes. This means that the 2017 UU Circuit began with UU Classic I, and will conclude this December. The official 2018 UU Circuit will start in January with UU Classic II.

This also means that our first-ever UU Championships will begin in December! In this tour, the top 16 competitors from our 2017 tour circuit will duke it out to be crowned the 2017 UU Champion.

We will announce the official start date of UU Championships and the 16 participants in the next couple of weeks.

Curious as to where you stand? Check out the current standings here: http://spo.ink/uuchamps

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