Tournament UnderUsed Premier League VI - Commencement


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Welcome to the sixth edition of UUPL! This thread is to be used for general discussion, memes and other such shenanigans. An explanation of the format as well as retentions and relegations can be found below.

This year, eight teams will be facing off against each other over the course of seven weeks in a round robin format, and the top four teams will advance to a playoffs stage. Each team will have ten playing slots. There will be no manager bracketManagers have the option of purchasing themselves for 10k auction credits, and can slot themselves where ever they'd like.

Every team is allowed to retain up to 2 players from last year, and can buy retention rights off other teams. A player that went for 7k or less last year will cost 10k to retain, while everything above 7k will cost last year's price + 3k. The reason 10k is chosen as the minimum is due to that being the average cost of a player in the 10 slots format. Every manager is required to draft 10 players and 2 subs minimum, and every team starts out with 120k credits.

Regarding the format: we are adding GSC UU to the tour this year. The format is as follows: SM / SM / SM / SM / ORAS / ORAS / BW / DPP / ADV / GSC. In addition, we are implementing a UUPL-specific change to ADV UU and DPP UU: Baton Pass is now banned in both ADV UU and DPP UU for the entirety of the tour.

As always, both the manager of a team and the player he wishes to retain need to agree. As such, if you are a manager looking to retain a player, create a forum PM including the host (Hogg), yourself and the player you wish to retain, and both of you will need to confirm the retention. If you are a manager and wish to trade away retention rights, create a forum PM containing the host (Hogg), yourself, the player in question as well as the manager of the team that wishes to acquire retention rights, and have all parties confirm the trade.

Every team is allowed to retain up to 2 players. However, to incentivize competition amongst the worst ranked teams, only the top 6 teams are allowed retentions starting next year. That means the bottom two teams of this year will start fresh next year, with all of their players becoming free agents. To even the playing field, new managers are permitted to purchase themselves as players at no cost. Returning teams may choose to give up their previous year's retains and be considered a "new" team if they wish to take advantage of this.

At this point, it needs to be clarified that any team may purchase any player during the auction; even if you, as a player, refused to be retained, you will be expected to function as part of any team that buys you during the auction. If that happens to be the same team that originally wanted to retain you, it is expected of you to behave as well as you would for your dream team, and not show any signs of unsportsmanlike conduct.

  • Blackthorn City Battle Girls, managed by Kink
  • Dewford Town Delinquents, managed by Christo
  • Driftveil City Doctors, managed by DrReuniclus (formerly the Black City Burglars)
  • Mikan Island Monsters, managed by Pearl
  • Moomoo Farm Cowgirls, managed by Tricking
  • Route 30 Youngsters, managed by dodmen
  • Safari Zone Smashers, managed by Shiba
  • Silph Co. Spies, managed by Bushtush

Happy posting!

Thanks as always to HotFuzzBall for the amazing art!


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Hi! I decided I'm not really doing tryouts, but I would like to post here that anyone who wants to show interest in teaming with me should contact me on discord (DrReuniclus#4613) that they have any interest in teaming with me. Additionally, anyone who is disinterested and would not like to be on the team whether it be for other team commitments or the fact that you'd rather not team with me just so I can figure everything out and organize my draft accordingly. I still want you to have a good time but I think it would be beneficial for the both of us if you contact me. If you do neither I'll assume you're cool with me buying you regardless. Realistically I just wanna create a good team environment to have fun playing mons with some cool people and want the rest of the people on other teams to enjoy UUPL too. Appreciate you reading this and I hope for a fun tour.


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Hello all!

In light of people wanting tryouts for this edition of UUPL, I've decided not to play pointless Pokemon games to gauge skill, but instead make an Underused meme puzzle! With the help of Pak and HT, this glorious and beautiful puzzle was born. The first one to complete it has a significantly higher chance to get drafted! To complete the puzzle, just save it and write over it in Paint or any other preferred program where you can fill in the letters, then PM IT TO ME ON DISCORD; I'll announce the winner in the thread but still give time for other people to solve :toast:. GOOD LUCK LADS and any cheaters WILL get caught and WILL get prosecuted.

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Ladies and gentlemen, your 2018 UUPL teams!

Blackthorn City Battlegirls
  • Kink
  • Sacri'
  • Rodriblutar
  • Heysup
  • Blackoblivion
  • Pohjis
  • Kory2600
  • Sage of the 6
  • MrAldo
  • Ernesloru
  • marthaa
  • YouthBerry
  • Mazz
  • The Kyle
Dewford Town Delinquents
  • Christo
  • McMeghan
  • kokoloko
  • Lavos
  • Sam
  • reyscarface
  • pokeisfun
  • Arifeen
  • Indigo Plateau
  • Euphonos
  • passion
  • Lopunny Kicks
  • Lapras!
  • HotFuzzBall
  • sparrow
  • Dundies
  • Sam I Yam
Driftveil City Doctors
  • DrReuniclus
  • Hikari
  • PokeTCG gamer1288
  • YABO
  • eden's embrace
  • Chill Shadow
  • xMarth
  • Eyan
  • Cynde
  • Snowy
  • Kreme
  • TSR
  • cb aaron judge
  • Amane Misa
Mikan Island Monsters
  • Pearl
  • TDK
  • Poek
  • FLCL
  • bro fist
  • Eternal Spirit
  • Kaori
  • Nat
  • Hootie
  • Arii Stella
  • Empo
  • Sun
Moomoo Farm Cowgirls
  • Tricking
  • Lycans
  • CBU
  • soulgazer
  • j0ris
  • amber lamps
  • Welli0u
  • snagaa
  • Serpi
  • The Goomy
  • Ark
  • Gondra
  • Highways
The Route 30 Youngster
  • dodmen
  • cb jose altuve
  • Kushalos
  • col49
  • Bedschibaer
  • Void
  • choolio
  • Superior91
  • lax
  • dingbat
  • Feliburn
  • NananaBatman
  • ceraa
Safari Zone Smashers
  • Shiba
  • Pak
  • HT
  • Bomber.
  • Finchinator
  • Amaroq
  • fatty
  • xray
  • Zukushiku
  • Aquadext
  • Wanka
  • yeezyknows
  • Plas
  • Trace
Silph Co. Spies
  • Bushtush
  • BKC
  • We Three Kings
  • blunder
  • Teddeh
  • Sabella
  • Manipulative
  • teal6
  • Hamhamhamham
  • lighthouses
  • Renny
  • Garay oak
  • Ajna

Auction logs:


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can't believe my signup didn't count even though i specifically PMd to let u know it was legit

and where's the sense in reopening the thread for me to join but not even tagging me to let me know?

joke of a tour anyway hope u all die

except teal6 and Kaori love u both

edit: and meeps
can we play for ADV cup please when are you free

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