Tournament UnderUsed Premier League VI - Player Signups

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The Underused Premier League VI
  • SM UU
  • BW UU
  • DPP UU
  • ADV UU
  • GSC UU

Fill out this form to play:

Username: (feel free to include known PS / ladder alts)
Tiers Played:
Foreseeable Inactivity:

If you are lazy, c/p this:

Tiers Played:
Foreseeable Inactivity:[/B]
Teams & Managers

  • Blackthorn City Battle Girls, managed by Kink
  • Dewford Town Delinquents, managed by Christo
  • Driftveil City Doctors, managed by DrReuniclus (formerly the Black City Burglars)
  • Mikan Island Monsters, managed by Pearl
  • Moomoo Farm Cowgirls, managed by Tricking
  • Route 30 Youngsters, managed by dodmen
  • Safari Zone Smashers, managed by Shiba
  • Silph Co. Spies, managed by Bushtush
Current signups (spreadsheet provided by P Squared)

Thanks as always to HotFuzzBall for the amazing art!


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