Underused Showdown Tournament: January - Tour #6 Won by trevor ellis

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Welcome to the January Signups of the UUST

The UUST is an introductory competitive Tournament designed to bring in newer players from the Showdown Underused room, and have them face off against more experienced players.
Participants will be able to gain experience for future Tournament bouts, as well as gain recognition, leading to potential future opportunities within the room. Developing your skill is the best way to showcase it!
If you want to Sign Up, simply click "join" in the PS! UnderUsed Room when a Tournament is announced. Remember, winning these tournaments is a good way to get noticed in the UnderUsed tier

Update --- Tours will happen in Underused Room via scripted format
  • Moderators can now start a UUST tour
  • Room Owners and Moderators will use the !tour getusers command to copy/paste the list of users into the UUST Thread.
  • Authority can now participate in this tour.
  • Winner do not get voice; emphasis is now on competitiveness and recognition.
  • UUST tours must have at least 32 users.
  • UUST tours must be Underused Single Elimination.
  • UUST tours need to have a screenshot of the final bracket result, and post said bracket into the UUST thread. I'll update it ASAP.
Tour Format, Rules & FAQ are listed below:
Show up at the listed time, and join the tour once signups open up.

Tournament Rules:

  • General tournament rules and regulations can be found here.
  • Standard ORAS UU Format.
  • Battles should take place on Pokemon Showdown!
  • There are no ties.
  • Pokemon currently being suspected will be allowed.
  • Scouting is allowed.
There may be times when a certain week will not be able to attract 32 players. When this happens, players selected at random will earn a bye to the next round. There will also be Finale tours in which not all players attend. When this happens, players selected at random will earn a bye to the next round.

The purpose of this tournament is to help towards a fun, integrated community on Smogon and PS. If any authority deems you to be negative presence, you will be disqualified. Harsher punishments will be given to those that continue with this behaviour.

Do not sign up with multiple accounts. Failure to comply will result in a harsh punishment. This goes against the Underused room's policy, as well as Smogon's policy. There are no exceptions to this.

Timer Clause
As for taking long between moves, if your opponent asks you to hurry up, please oblige. If you are doing a damage calc for a key turn that is one thing, but prolonging every move is suspicious and annoying. Don't do it. Furthermore, Battle Timeout is a rule for a reason. If you run out of time, you lose, simple as that. It does not matter what your opponent says. Do not join the tournament if you think you will have to leave mid-tour, and instead join a tournament the following week.

Disconnection Clause
If a player disconnects/leaves the battle and does not appear within two minutes, a Moderator (@) or Room Owner (#) reserves the right to disqualify the player. If a player disconnects/leaves a battle and it is clear to any authority (Drivers% included) that the player was about to lose, they will be disqualified.

Battle Clauses:

  • Evasion Clause
  • OHKO Clause
  • Sleep Clause
  • Species Clause
  • Timed Battle
  • Team Preview
Any questions or concerns can be directed below, or should go to any Room Owner (#) or Moderator (@) in the Underused room. We are always available for help.

Winner: SmashBrosBrawl
Runner up: Dodmen (donger management)

32 users are in this tournament:
ChuffedTeapot, DatGuyChuck, dingbat, DONGER MANAGEMENT, Duskt70, Exemption, gobosox, Gontolica, hobglobbit, iStally, Kek's Kek, KurowHayabusa, Lilligant for OU, Lucipurrr, medawg5, meowiekins, ordo ad chao, PUTTINGINWORK, Raichu75, RichBitchGastly, SmashBrosBrawl, snowballin, Tipsy Russian, trevor ellis, UBG, UUST cityfolk, UUST DaSpoofeh, UUST INFAMY, uust teal, vnivivin, weakado, Zhaf

Winner: Bundy
Runner up: SmashBrosBrawl

32 users are in this tournament:
Austin, Bicycle Repair Man, BIG SEAN'S ADLIBS, Bundy, ChuffedTeapot, Cnorth26, CoolTrainerGary, Count Bleck, Derpy pokefan, Dinactfy, DrReuniclus3, Eaglehwak, Evasi0n, Filia Medici, Hydratic, Laurens2603, LeviathanRanger9, Lilligant for OU, Lol1z da Fuccboi, Lucipurrr, Mienecho, MrSirSenor, niccool, Nightingales, numquam vincar, philz, pieman723, r0ady, salagroos, SmashBrosBrawl, supercoco142, trevor ellis

Winner: Feeling The Moment
Runner Up: Klein Bottle

32 users remain in this tournament:
AcaraA, AdmiralFujitora91, BasedBeldum, Buuskeri, Celsius, ChalextheGreat, DarkMikami, Dingbat is gayy, Dylan15, Enderstorm3, Feeling The Moment, gentlemant, Heatblast1123, HentaiGuy, higuy013, Juudaime103, King UU, Klein Bottle, Lilligant for OU, markes, Maxchamp, PetitEwok, Pinkin Lark, senegal, skarpzin, Skysoki, swagman7834, TigaMang, TripBDK, Waynote, XxMeloettaXx, Zebola

Winner: Ariana Granbull
Runner Up: xShiba

32 users remain in this tournament:
Ariana Granbull, avery73, Christo m8, Death Bolt Legend, Deeeto, domostorm, Dracp, effectivilly bad, Eren Swaeger, HentaiGuy, iE0, K-DogRaptor, King UU, LiberalLucario, Luna Bae, Nightingales, not the hero, No wins, ooJOSHUA66oo, Roseybear, SadPierrot, ShadaMegaMM, Specs Cranidos, TPNCaptainDove, Treecko For Ubers, Under Narcotics, vickman, Wahh I'm dun, wr45ty45, xShiba, Zappykins, ZawJam32

Winner: Mega Pidgeotto (dodmen)
Runner-Up: thecosmicburrito67
32 users remain in this tournament:
73510a, Aggron, Ariana Granbull, Chillie102, ChuffedTeapot, Daese, dfrhsh, FearTheCow57, franky494, Frostykewl, I Lose Tournaments, knickKnack, Kushiwawah, laurens2603, Lilligant for OU, Ludicolo For OU, Majaspic22, Mega Pidgeotto, Mega-Pimplup, Mr.McMuffin, nait9, OriginalDHName, Pigonwheel, Rezium915, Sacri', SevenSeven, SmogonDMTrash, SpedHD, thecosmicburrito67, Xblade619, YourMomIsNU, ZawJam32

Winner: trevor ellis
Runner up: Volbeatdown

There were 32 participants, but I forgot to record them. Oh well, here's proof http://puu.sh/eHF1L/e86a2c79cc.png.

Good luck & have fun!
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