Underused Showdown Tournament: January - Tour #6 Won by trevor ellis

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it's a thug life ¨̮
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    • Winner: Joltage
    • Runner Up: Yellow Skarmory
    • Semi-finalists: (1) Mordan (2) Philz (3) meowiekins (4) Decision Maker

  • Signups for Week 4 are currently open
    Week 4 Tournament will commence Saturday, October 25th @:
    • 5pm East Coast AKA
    • 3pm West Coast AKA
    • 10pm England AKA
    • 9am Australia
King UU told me to fodder coerced me into playing convinced me into playing. Idk what alt I'll be using, so just shout out 'raptor' if you need me.

Edit: Fuck it. I'll be UUST Fodder when you need me.
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