Tournament Unofficial Metas Trio Tournament - Week 3 (Semis)


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Unofficial Metas Trio Tournament - Week 3 (Semis)


Free Agents 2
vs. Goon Squad
ZU: velvet vs. PrinceOfAllTacos
NFE: Jordy vs. Sificon
DUbers: Yuichi vs. Frixel

Quoi ? Feur isson vs. Afrotinis
ZU: Tuthur vs. beauts
NFE: Beka vs. Career Ended
DUbers: ironwater vs. BasedWhat?

Please let me know if there is a mistake somewhere, or if you wish to swap tiers with a teammate. For the latter, please do so asap in order to avoid delays in scheduling.

All standard tournament rules and guidelines apply, including no ghosting.

Sets are best of one.

Subs: If a player is inactive, they may be subbed out for a different player who signed up but wasn't included in any team. This only applies to Week 1 of this tournament.

You may switch tiers between rounds if you wish, but please let me know if you do so so that I can update the OP accordingly.

Contact your opponent on their Smogon Wall and agree on a date and time. Games not played will be subject to activity decisions.

Please note that:
- All scheduling attempts must be done publicly on Smogon Walls to serve as poof of communication for act calls.
- Replays are mandatory.

The deadline for this round is Sunday, August 7th at 11:59 PM EST (GMT -5). No extensions will be granted.
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