Tournament Unofficial Metas Trio Tournament - WON BY FREE AGENTS 2


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Unofficial Metas Trio Tour - Week 4 (FINALS)

Free Agents 2 vs. Quoi ? Feur isson
ZU: velvet vs. Tuthur
NFE: Jordy vs. Beka
DUbers: Yuichi vs. ironwater

Please let me know if there is a mistake somewhere, or if you wish to swap tiers with a teammate. For the latter, please do so asap in order to avoid delays in scheduling.

All standard tournament rules and guidelines apply, including no ghosting.

Sets are best of one.

Contact your opponent on their Smogon Wall and agree on a date and time. Games not played will be subject to activity decisions.

Please note that:
- All scheduling attempts must be done publicly on Smogon Walls to serve as poof of communication for act calls.
- Replays are mandatory.

The deadline for this round is Sunday, August 14th at 11:59 PM EST (GMT -5). No extensions will be granted.
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