Tournament Unofficial Metas Trio Tournament


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Signups are officially closed! Here are the free agent teams:

ZU - Eeveekid10
NFE - PandaDoux
DUbers - Tenzai
ZU - velvet
NFE - Jordy
DUbers - Yuichi
ZU - BaitWiz
NFE - Wes8888
DUbers - Avocadorable
ZU - Mr.Bossaru
NFE - jay
DUbers - MultiPokemon
Additionally, txitxas will be paired with Team Piplup (KaiserKaiba Animecatbelike) as their new DUbers player due to one of the members no longer being able to play

We had a couple signups that I wasn’t able to add to a team, so the following free agents will be subs for Week One, in case of inactive players:
giove97 (ZU)
GarchompFan1512 (NFE)

Week 1 will be posted shortly! If you have any questions or notice that I’ve made any mistakes, please let me know!

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