Unova Region Ubers Challenge

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Welcome to the Unova Region Ubers Challenge - what is essentially the spiritual successor to the TUberculosis Bridge

Five of the most reputable and capable (and active...) battlers in BW2 Ubers have been assembled to present to you a new challenge. Your goal is to beat every one of them in any order so that you can be crowned Champion. It doesn't stop there as there may be other challengers who, after having beat these 5, will battle you for your crown. Past Champions as well as those who have accomplished significant feats are recorded in the Hall Of Fame giving you even more to reach for.

As for our URUC members we have:

Preferred method of contact: skype (edgardorendon9) or IRC (#ubers)
Time zone: GMT -6

Broken computer

Preferred method of contact: IRC (#ubers)
Time zone: GMT -6


Preferred method of contact: IRC (#ubers)
Time zone: GMT -5

Hack He Must
Preferred method of contact: PS Ubers Lobby
Time zone: GMT +2


Preferred method of contact: PM
Time zone: GMT -5

Now a full time URUC member!

As well as a substitute URUC member:


Preferred method of contact: IRC (#ubers) or PS Ubers Lobby
Time zone: GMT -5

Stepping in for blackstardust.

and, of course, our current Champion:

Preferred method of contact: PS Ubers Lobby
Time zone: GMT +2

  • Post here to apply as a challenger.
  • All matches will be BO1 BW2 Ubers with the standard clauses. (Sleep Clause, Species Clause, Moody Clause, OHKO Clause, and HP % Mod)
  • If you are challenged as a member of URUC, you must not john. Continued johning will lead to you being replaced.
  • Likewise, if a member of URUC said he was unavailable, move on to somebody else. (or request to battle the substitute)
  • You need to make a post in this thread if you would like to battle the substitute, don't go directly to him. (Keep in mind the substitute is only for cases of extended unavailability)
  • All battles will be conducted on Pokemon Showdown! unless both the challenger and the URUC member agree to do otherwise.
  • You must beat every single URUC member in order to challenge the Champion. You are allowed one loss total in your campaign against the URUC members. If at any time you lose a game you must wait 48 hours before continuing your challenge. However, you only have to completely restart if you lose a second time total (regardless if it isn't the same player) or lose against the Champion (even if you have a perfect streak). If you lose your first game, you do not lose your extra continue.
  • Challengers must report in this thread the results of their battle. Failure to do so in an attempt to evade the waiting period or challenge reset will result in a disqualification.
  • If there is a dispute over the results of a match I will always favor the URUC member if you do not have any replays or screenshots.
  • URUC members may also challenge but they will have to battle the substitute in place of themselves.
  • In the case of a URUC member also being the Champion, challengers will have to beat that player twice. Once as a URUC member and later on as the Challenge Champion.

Hall Of Fame
  • Kebabe 5/10/13
Longest total time as Champion:
Longest continuous time as Champion:
Longest win streak as Champion:
Most total wins as Champion:

dbzmariogeno -
Dr Ciel -
Blarajan -
rileydelete -
Hack He Must -
superstar - Hack He Must, Blackstardust
CarbontheSecond -
Moony -
Asator -
dragonuser -
Steelskitty - Edgar, hack
liimujx -
ZoroarkForever - Blackstardust, Dice, Hack He Must -
SmashBrosBrawl -
Yehom -
Bryce -
D4RR3N -
Jayde - Dice
davidness -
Blackstardust -
Problems -
Dice - edgar, blim, sweep - strike
Namikaze -
ogasian -
Sweep - Blackstardust, Hack He Must, Manaphy - strike
Terraquaza - Dice - strike
Aquasition - Dice
MasterXLeon -
puregenius -
CyberWolf -
Alex Walls -
Metal Sonic -
CaseKace -
Melee Mewtwo -
Vileman -

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