Update some stuff.

I realize that there are perhaps more pressing matters but there are a few things on the site that could perhaps use some updating. For instance, the homepage still has a link to a Shoddy Battle section which should presumably be replaced by a Pokémon Online one since that is now the supported simulator and the one that houses Smogon's official server.

Other things:
The description for the RMT forum says "Get your D/P Teams rated here", while at this point the vast majority of new RMTs are of course for B/W.

It seems to me that the "UU Suspect Test Voting Site" subforum under Policy Review should be removed. It's no longer needed for 4th Gen and 5th Gen does not currently have a UU.

Perhaps "General" should be renamed "4th Generation" or "Previous Generations" or something along those lines. At this point it's entirely unclear from the forum index that D/P is the relevant generation.

The "Suggestions and Appeals" forum description contains the following: "If you want to appeal from a ban on our Shoddy Battle server, post your case in the Discipline Appeals subforum." Presumably "Shoddy Battle" should be changed to "Pokémon Online".

Edit: Wait, that subforum doesn't exist. That section should simply be removed.

I realize that these are not particularly important but for the most part they seem to be very simple fixes. I apologize if this was inappropriate at this time or if I've made any errors.


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Yeah, Suggestions should definitely be merged back with the main forum here.
It won't for a very long time IIRC; 4th gen still has a large and devoted playerbase. Much larger than gens 1-3.
On a somewhat related note, just out of curiosity, when will 5th Gen be added to the main (non-forums) portion of the site? Are we waiting for the U.S. release of the games or is it just an "it'll happen when somebody gets around to it" sort of thing? Serebii's getting on my nerves.

Edit: Don't think I'm ungrateful for the work that goes around here. Smogon's fantastic and without the help of its admins, well, it wouldn't be.
I need to be able to find the 5th gen rules and tier list. I heard through suspect, Drizzle and swift swim cannot be on the same team and appearantly I missed that somewhere. It needs to be somewhere locatable.

EDIT: Nvm, I'm an idiot. Can't wait until 5th gen has it's own strategy page though..
I guess this is somewhat related.... at this point the RMT forum has the following in its description: "Get your B\W and D\P\Pt Teams rated here." 5th Gen gets its own forum and 4th Gen is combined with 1st through 3rd, so I don't see why it gets special attention in the description. It seems to me it should simply be "Get your teams rated here."


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Advance RMTs will be soon moved to the RMT forum, we're just waiting for an administrator to add an "advance" tag to the past genenerations subforum.

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