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Hello everyone, recently I came across this website and found out how ridiculously outdated it was, so I thought I would come and see how doable it was to update that page. However, after getting into scms and seeing the different tour hubs that are live in the tournament hub, it is clear that most haven't seen an update for quite a long time! For reference, here they are:
As you can see from those links, they're quite outdated and I think they are a good way to showcase tournament history of this website and should be at very least kept as updated as possible, and this is why I approached Luigi today to see if there was any chance that we could find users interested in working towards updating them, and he suggested posting it here so everyone can participate if they do so wish. But how am I planning to do it? My idea at this moment is updating these hubs up to the latest edition of each tournament, and then see how feasible it'd be to come up with a page for OST, OLT, and Snake which I have not found in the hub (Snake probably was never created, but I did not find the OST and OLT hubs) at a later time. This is mostly about data gathering from the forums itself, so it shouldn't be too time-consuming for anyone interested in helping!
There are a lots of different and exciting pages that are not quite as updated and were eventually moved to the forums, such as the Hall of Fame, Tournament Stats and so on but they would be of low priority as of now as they can be reached reasonably easy, but moving on to these hubs would be great as well if we finish the tournaments ones reasonably fast.

Anyway, everyone who is interested can join this discord server, and every help will be greatly appreciated! From users knowledgeable about tournament history to users able to proof-read any text we might come up with and players able to come up with good HTML formatting, we can make use of it n_n
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not only is the hall of fame stupidly outdated with lorem ipsum filler text on the main website, but regarding tour stats how did shit like this even make it on-site? additionally, there's 404s all over the place on the stats hub, whether it's dead links or old forum member tags. someone's gotta fix this lol.
that's what i've specifically been working on since last night
Contact P Squared for all your forum data collection needs, it probably isn't a good use of people's time to comb through old tournament threads when a lot of things can be automated.

Regardless, automating a lot of the data collection will probably help keep the project alive since keeping things up to date will be so much easier; these kinds of projects historically are revived many times but eventually always die. (obviously there is still analysis-y stuff people can write about regarding the tour in general or about that specific one)

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