Tournament UPL XI: Player Signups [Custom Avatar Prize] [Auction June 10th @ 11 AM -4]

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Welcome to the eleventh edition of Ubers Premier League, an all-Ubers team tournament where managers draft from the pool of players to compete in a seven-week round-robin battle for Ubers supremacy. The top four teams will then advance to the playoffs, where the winning team will be crowned the premier of Ubers battling. This is Uber’s largest and premier team tournament, providing an opportunity for Ubers powerhouses to display their dominance, veteran players to return, and for new talent to emerge. In additional to the coveted red trophy and eternal fame and glory, there is also an additional grand prize this year of a custom avatar.
The format for UPL XI will be:
- SV Ubers
- SV Ubers
- SV Ubers
- SS Ubers
- USM Ubers
- ORAS Ubers
- BW Ubers
- DPP Ubers
- ADV Ubers
- GSC Ubers
- RBY Ubers
- Best of Three: SV / SS / USM

The teams for UPL XI are:
Alolan Mukkers:
Master Chief + March Fires
Choice Bandits: Highlord + Ayu
Dangerous Dracovish: Stone Cold + Leru
DaReal Drizzlers: Perry + Lunala
Defiant Durians: Aurora + Drifting
Devastating Dialgas: Mr.378 + Eledyr
Manly Melmetal: Inder + GeniusFromHoenn
Void Villains: Fc + mitana

Tier Locking:
Players will be tier locked for the duration of the regular season (until Semifinals or tiebreaker into Semifinals) to the tiers they sign up for. The tier lock does not apply to any player who has been bought for 4k credits or below.

Manager Self-Purchases and Retains:
Managers can self-purchase themselves for 20k credits. Teams may retain up to two players from UPL X, not counting self-purchased managers who signed up as players this year.

Signup Format:
Player Name:
Tiers Played:
Foreseen Inactivity:
Player signups will close 24 hours before the auction (Date TBD, approx. Saturday, June 10th).


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Player Name: keys
Tiers: All
Foreseen Inactivity: I am editing my signup because tier lock was added so I just want to make sure I can emergency sub for anything if it ever came down to it. I am still very much low on time and interest/motivation when it comes to playing.
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Player Name: Takatk
Tiers Played: all
Foreseen Inactivity: none
I'm aiming to entirely focus on SV + build / help test for the entire team, but I can also support DPP / BW / ORAS / SM / SS in tests + building as well if needed
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