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Approved Upload team imports into folders

Currently, Teambuilder allows us to upload large pastes of teams, which is an extremely useful feature that saves us a lot of time. However, I feel that this beautiful feature can be improved significantly in a very simple way. Right now, we lack the ability to upload teams in this way into folders. When we click on a folder, the button "Backup all teams from this folder" appears, but when we click on that, we are unable to type or paste anything in it, merely copy what's already there. I propose the ability to type in this box, thereby allowing us to paste teams here, which would significantly augment the ease of organizing a large, messy teambuilder. Currently, the only way to really "get around" this is to type the folder name in front of the team name when importing, such as, for example, changing the name "Finchinator Alakazam Sample" to "OU sample teams/Finchinator Alakazam Sample", and this will directly upload the team into a folder called "OU sample teams". However, if you want to upload a paste of 500 teams, writing your desired folder name in front of each team is just as tedious as uploading each team and dragging them into your folder of choice. This suggestion, if implemented, would be hugely appreciated by anyone who deals with large amounts of teams and who desires an organized, indexed teambuilder.


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This is technically feasible and would be accepted if someone wished to implement it, but given the teambuilder is being overhauled completely by the Preact rewrite its unlikely to be worked on given the work would be thrown away once the new client lands. That being said, Zarel will consider this use case for the new client and will try to make uploading teams as streamlined as possible.

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