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Art by Kiwi
Hosted by Heika

Format of tour: This is a 2 weeks showdown between team USA and team Rest of the World. Eligibility will be based on World Cup for people that played in it.

SV bo7
SV bo7
SV bo5
SV bo5
SV bo5
SV bo5
SV bo5
SS bo7
SS bo5
SM bo7
SM bo5
ORAS bo7
ORAS bo5
BW bo7
BW bo5
DPP bo5
DPP bo5
ADV bo5
GSC bo5
+ 8 substitute slots (28 total players)

If you have any specific questions about eligibility, please contact the a host Heika)

Players who participated in 1v1 WC VII

If a player participated in 1v1 WC VII, they will be locked onto the region of their team from the previous WC.

If a player has IPs to prove that they spend extended periods of time in multiple regions within the past 12 months (e.g. students who attend university in one region and live in another), they can apply to join the team associated with either region. TDs will review this on a case-by-case basis. Eligibility for the rejected team will be forfeited.

As a reminder, hosts and TDs reserve the right to reject any player they deem to be insufficiently eligible. An example of this would be a player whose IP drastically changes shortly before the start of the tournament. [/spoiler]
To sign up for this tournament, reply to this thread and use this format:
[B]Player Name[/B]:
[B]Formats played[/B]:
[B]Are you interested in captaining?[/B]:
[B]Forseen inactivity[/B]:
The deadline to sign up for this tournament is Sunday, December 31st at 11:59pm -5
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