Usage-Based Tier Update for January 2018 (Mar Changes @696)

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| 21 | Donphan | 9.050% |

ru never ceases to impress. and only heliolisk drops out of their d-rank mons.

| 45 | Dhelmise | 4.957% |
| 52 | Jolteon | 4.614% |
| 56 | Blastoise | 4.215% |
The RU Ladder has historically had a massive fetish for terrible Ground-type spinners. It's always been that way since 5th Gen. Claydol was #1 in usage back in BW1 RU, the mighty Sandslash was in the top 20 in BW2 RU (and late BW1) despite being absolutely terrible, and Claydol itself was RU for a long time in 6th Gen despite being garbage as well. Granted, Claydol wasn't that bad in BW1 RU (it was okay and had some decent niches), but it definitely didn't deserve to be in the same level of usage as BW1's top tier threats like Honchkrow and Cofagrigus, and was mostly used by noobs thinking it was the best Pokemon in the world. Donphan is merely the follower of the chain of RU's inexplicable fetish for terrible Ground-type spinners because of the mindset, "They have SR AND Rapid Spin in one moveslot, which means they must be good!", after its fellow contemporaries Sandslash and Claydol. Which is also especially notable because RU has always had other hazard removers who were outright better than the likes of Sandslash and Donphan, such as Kabutops and Cryogonal in 5th Gen.

They have also historically maintained terrible/useless mons like Whimsicott in BW RU and Ambipom and Typhlosion in ORAS RU. The RU ladder is and always has been trash from the very beginning.
This marks the end of volt turn as a dedicated playstyle in UU imo, or at least it's power level has severely dropped. With Wash-Tom rising, and Alolan Marowak dropping, it's lost a massive part of what made volt turn so good, and volt switch is less spammable now. Also obligatory rip seismi lol


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I don't know why we're picking on RU with entire paragraphs when the same bad mons of UU are at almost the same usage, but ok.

Donphan sucks, but it went from like 20% to 9%. That's a massive drop and if you expected it to go NU then lol.
nobodys picking on the ru tier literally all scraftyisthebest said was that the ru ladder players cause useless pokemon to be in ru

30 | Gyarados-Mega | 6.056% |

You missed Gyarados-mega moving up to OU from BL Antar
mega gyarados is already ou
I'm glad the Hazard Removal got a lot better in RU with both Mega-toise and Mandibuzz down there, was getting tired of having to continuously use Gligar due to practically none of the other spinners/defoggers could add anything beneficial to the teams I made.

Meanwhile, my boi Dugtrio continues his descend to hell.
I think it is very unresanobale that Marowak Alola and Stataktakatk is UU now. UU is pretty much trick room now.
Manaphy, Char Y, D-night, should stay in OU/BL.
Other than that, this change is fine.
Pretty happy about mandibuzz in RU so we have a good defogger not named gligar.

Edit: Pyukumuku shuold be in NU at the least.
It's been 3000 yearssssss

All those drops sure cleanse OU; now if only Tapu Fini, Garchomp, Excadrill, Victini, and MimiKyu can follow
It's not like you'll stop seeing them in OU just because they're in a lower tier. Gliscor is in the UU tier, but it's still considered pretty viable in OU.
Some guy said in the UU room "I like the fact that washtom died once seis moved up". I think this is how it went:

Seismitoad: Haha rotom, I have moved up to UU, and now I will counter you with my UNDEFEATABLE BULK!

Rotom-Wash: Uh.... You know what, I miss the OU room dearly. I miss it so much in fact that i would like to move back! Gottagobye!

Seismitoad: ......

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