Data Usage-Based Tier Update for January 2021

Sometimes is true, but this is too much I think, lower a tiers are getting crowded of pokemon that should t be there in the first place and ZU well is an issue that the council should talk about.
As it has been brought up in multiple of these tier updates threads, it's better to have a higher cutoff than a lower cutoff. Sure, multiple more Pokémon are dropping, but they can still be used in higher tiers, with all of the issues it may present being fixable with bans. A few mons might still be useless in a tier but too much for the tier below, but those will be way less than with the other cutoff, which presented us with lower tiers losing mons way too often which caused some mons to become too much, as well as some being stuck in a tier they don't belong at. Maybe the pokémon shouldn't be all the way down there, but at least they won't be stuck with no use anymore
Very random request ; do we have data (by tier) on how many switches each pokemon tends to make in a given match? I'm hoping to do some analysis of different types of hazards in given tiers and this would be useful.

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