Data Usage-Based Tier Update for January 2024

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I know this is double posting but these shifts just get worse the more i look at them, avalugg is nothing without his dear chansey and virizion went straight to the point
On a serious note this is one of the edge cases where the quick drop system lets something through the cracks. Terrakion will never be used over Iron Boulder, so his usage ends up being exceptionally low, even if he's more viable than something like Bastiodon. This usually never happens.

Also shoutout to njnp for making Minior only drop to UU and not NU.
even ignoring the Terrakion in the room, these tier shifts are still hilarious

rampardos only dropping to RU? chansey beating the shitmon allegations? gallade rising two tiers despite gestures wildly? pex still not dropping? the bajillion new pokemon in UU (even ignoring the drops, they had like 10 rises for some reason)?

usage based tiering is a blessing
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