Data Usage-Based Tier Update for October 2023

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Red Raven

Well, Garchompbros, it finally happened. I honestly can't say I'm that surprised considering how it was barely hanging on last month and how the DLC brought a ton of new toys that everyone wanted to try out. Perhaps the day will eventually come that it will return to OU because it's still pretty viable if you slap liquidation on it
In the HOME metagame we also said that with the three Paldean starters and Ceruledge in UU
Now among us, azu, clod, cress, chomp, garg, tran, moltres, pelipper, washtom, and sandy shocks all dropped to uu. This gen's uu is definitely looking like this gen's ou. This is insane...
Infernape, in UU with no Latis?

Oh Neptune
Well there are many ground types and strong water types in OU that outspeed or can take a hit and KO back.

Anyway, I have hopes Chomp will return to OU once the new toy syndrome wears out, I really hope…
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