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What is Little Cup, and what makes it different than the other tiers?

Little Cup is a very unique and interesting tier. Unlike other tiers, which are based around level 100 Pokemon, Little Cup plays with Pokemon that are all level 5. Also, Little Cup further restricts the rules to include only Pokemon that can evolve and are the lowest evolution in their evolution chains. This creates a drastically different metagame in Little Cup than from other tiers, and Little Cup contains a lot of Pokemon that you simply would never see used anywhere else in competitive Pokemon. Because of its uniqueness, Little Cup exists in a state of its own-- it has its very own banlist, which means bans made in other tiers don't affect Little Cup at all (for example, Snover was banned in RU but remained legal to use in Little Cup for the entirety of Generation V). It's a ground for baby Pokemon to grit their teeth and show their evolved counterparts how powerful they can be as well.​

How do I play Little Cup? What do I have to know?

Pokemon are only Little Cup legal if they: 1) can evolve; and 2) are the lowest stage in evolution in their chain. For example, Misdreavus, Scraggy, and Swirlix are Little Cup legal, but Ivysaur and Rotom are not. Little Cup is played at level 5. This creates a new host of breeding issues, EV troubles, and "is this allowed? why or why not?" which will be addressed in this thread. Guides will be posted as well, though keep in mind at this time they are all for BW, so they might be a bit outdated. A complete list of the rules can be found here.

How do I get involved with Little Cup?

It is quite easy to get involved if you want to play! The best place to get involved with Little Cup is on our IRC channel: #littlecup. If you do not understand Smogon IRC, a guide can be found here. A direct link to our channel can be found here. If you just want to jump on and start chatting, just click that and type a nickname to use! Everyone on Little Cup is friendly and we always welcome newcomers to our channel, so feel free to log on, say hello, stay to chat, or ask any questions you may have! If you need an immediate answer to any questions you may have, ask it in the chat and someone should answer it for you. Hopefully you'll enjoy your stay, and will keep coming back! We don't bite!!
Another great place to talk to fellow lovers of Little Cup is on the Little Cup channel on Pokemon Showdown! When you log on, it'll ask you to choose a channel. Scroll down until you see Little Cup, and join on in! You can also just go there directly! This isn't as popular as our IRC channel is, but we are hoping more people will frequent it and talk in it!​

Finally, one of the best ways to contribute to Little Cup is by posting in the forums! I know that doing so can be intimidating if you aren't that interested in a discussion, or are unsure what to post. Rest assured, Little Cup is a judgment free zone. We recommend and even encourage posting from people of any experience level. Keep in mind that every "good" player started off as a "noob" once. We all get better via practice and via contributing, so please do so to your heart's content. If there's any thread that you want posted, then please don't hesitate to talk to me or macle about it. We will give you advice on a thread and generally let you post it! If you are still a little hesitant, use this thread to introduce yourself. Tell us about yourself if you are comfortable doing so, and then post any questions you may have or any requests for help you might need. We'll do our best to get to know you all and answer any questions you may have!

Also, please post in this thread to introduce yourself if you are a new player or lurker, and to ask any questions you may have.

How to Play Little Cup!

It's quite simple! Log on Pokemon Showdown! and ladder! As of right now, under the XY Singles tiers, there are two types of Little Cup: Little Cup (beta) and Pokebank LC (beta). The former is the official Little Cup tier. It is impossible to use Pokemon that would require Pokebank to transfer them to XY, so the Little Cup (beta) is our official tier. However, if you would like to play or ladder in Pokebank LC (beta), that's absolutely fine! If you don't feel like laddering, but want to play, then hop on IRC or the Pokemon Showdown! Little Cup channel and ask someone to play! You'll definitely find a battle.

Helpful Tips and Tricks!
  • Because Pokemon at level 5 have very low HP values, Leftovers is not a very useful item. An item like Berry Juice, which restores 20 HP in one go, is almost always more valuable than Leftovers. Eviolite is also a very useful item, which boosts the defenses of EVERY Little Cup Pokemon by 1 stage.
  • Even though the playing field seems equal, some baby Pokemon are just better than the rest! Unfortunately, there just isn't really a place for Caterpie, Pidgey, or any of the typical bad Pokemon. For an example, here is a "Viability Ranking List" that was made in Generation 5, that ranked legal Pokemon. We obviously haven't had time to do so for Generation 6 yet, but please take a look if you're curious!
  • EVs work differently at Level 5 than at Level 50 or 100. It just takes more EVs in one stat to boost it by a stat point. This means that a spread like 4 HP / 252 Attack / 252 Speed is inefficient. In almost all cases, you will be wasting EVs, as sometimes a Pokemon does not get more Speed if you put in 236 or 196 EVs. The remaining points can go into other stats. Don't feel too intimidated if you see a spread like: 220 HP / 4 Attack / 68 Defense / 4 Special Attack / 148 Special Defense / 16 Speed. It just happens in Little Cup! A full guide to how to give EV spreads in Little Cup can be found here. However, this is quite the difficult guide to reference when building teams, and is for the most mathematically inclined. The EASIEST way to do it is to...just set your Pokemon's level to 5 in the Pokemon Showdown! teambuilder and slide the EV slider until a stat point goes up. Fiddle around with this, and you'll be an EV pro in no time! Likewise, when analyses go up for Little Cup Pokemon, please use the spreads listed!
List of Available Guides and Articles

Use these articles with a grain of salt. They were written for the Generation 5 metagame, and as such are not up to date for Generation 6. We will be writing more articles and Pokemon analyses soon, but we want the metagame to settle first.​
  • A Little Help? This is a thread including articles written by Ray Jay and Ssin that makes getting into XY Little Cup so much easier! I highly recommend checking it out.
  • XY Little Cup -- Rules & Policy! I linked this earlier, but this thread lists the rules for XY Little Cup, what is banned, and some current policies. A lot of the information might be redundant with this thread.
  • Guide to LC Move Legality! This article shows how and why a move would be legal or illegal for a Little Cup Pokemon. It is a very handy article if you want to give it a read through. Keep in mind right now that Pokemon you transfer over from the Pokebank in December are not legal right now, but Pokebank LC is still a thing you can play on Pokemon Showdown!
  • Little Did You Know -- A Beginner's Guide to Little Cup! This article was intended to introduce an individual to the Generation 5 Little Cup metagame. As such, much of the information in this article is outdated, but that doesn't mean it's not good for a quick peek or reference.
  • If you're new to Smogon in general and are looking for help getting acquainted with the site, check out the Mentorship Forum.
  • This thread! It was unclear apparently, but this thread is meant to be used as a Simple Questions, Simple Answers kind of thread. If you have a question, ask it here! Don't make a new thread about it.
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Hello all you Little Cup'ers! Everyone calls me Kaysick. Pronounced like it's spelled. I've been playing Pokemon since I was a kid during Gen 1. First game was Pokemon Yellow and I've loved it since.

Since X/Y released, I really wanted to get into the competitive scene and really get down to the nitty gritty of Pokemon. I started with UU and I already have a team in the works for it. I noticed Little Cup and it really interested me because it's different from all the others.

If you see me on #littlecup IRC or Showdown!, feel free to chat with me. Name will and always will be Kaysick. Showdown might have a variation, with a 1 or an X next to it because of the whole ladder system. Don't want to mess up my true name on there.

If you want to add me on X/Y, feel free to do so as well. Just send me a PM; I'm running out of open space for friends. Here's to a great Gen 6 LC!
Hello, I'm theepicsaga. I discovered LC a few months back and really love it because if its uniqueness and more friendly players compared to tiers like OU. I dont really play the handheld games competitively so I really love simulators like Pokemon Showdown as it allows me to play the game I love in a different way while allowing me to meet amazing people online. I do have a question about LC though: at what number are stats considered "good". I've seen some people say that numbers from 15 to 30 are considered good but is there a more specific range? I apologize for my ignorance as I am used to playing tiers like RU and NU where all the Pokemon are level 100.
Hey guys ! I'm InsaneDragoniteHD !

I'm a guy who is a predominately NU and RU player and I love the lower tiers. I got into LC through one of my best friends on the forum,she's the LC Queen :) I decided to get into this tier, because it looks fun and I want to see how it goes for me. Also,it heightens my tier diversity, not only giving me more enjoyment out of competitive battling, but it also gives me more tiers to play, so I don't get bored.

Also, LC mons are super cute if that counts :3
Hello everybody, I'm another longtime lurker who finally decided to make an account. I've played Little Cup before, but not very in-depth; I'd read through the analyses on-site and try to create teams, but I never got very far on the ladder and eventually got bored.
With XY released and some cool new 'mons to play with, I've decided to give competetive battling another go, and I'm looking forward to test some new stuff out (especially my new favorite pokemon ever, this little fella to the left <<<).
The mechanics behind Little Cup are one of the reasons I was drawn to it, but I'll freely admit the main attraction was using the cutemons I love that aren't exactly grade-A material in regular tiers.
With that all out of the way, I'd like to say thanks for reading and I hope to have a good time playing Little Cup this gen!
Hey everyone, my names Ridley and I'm new around here. I got into competitive pokemon right at the end of Gen V, where UU was my main tier. After playing a scramble battle with a group of friends, I got a bunch of LC mons, and fell in love with the tier. I'm a huge noob, but I'm really excited to start playing Little Cup!

Plus, little baby pokemon battling it out is both super adorable and badass :)
I'm a bit of a lurker, but I've been playing LC for about the last 1.5 years. I'm not the most competitive player, but I like taking some of the lesser used pokes in LC and making teams where they can thrive (relatively well, at least). I'm pretty excited for this new gen and I love what the tier leaders have done so far.
heyo, i'm a lurker and briyella asked me to post here because i'm unintelligent and st00pid when it comes to little cup. (to clarify, she didn't force me, i made her sad and i felt really bad :( )

i've dabbled in 5th gen LC quite a few times but never really wanted to really get into it, treated it as more of a side thing when i didn't feel like playing UU or RU. but it occured to me right about now that i suck, so i'm here to learn and get into the whole shebang :)

plus everything in little cup is just so cute omg

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So I'm going to try to get into Gen 6 Little Cup, mainly because LC is the best tier and it has the fewest pokemon for me to learn. I've already started borrowing some of the teams from the sample teams thread to start playing in the metagame, but I am mostly looking for deeper knowledge so I can build teams and start to work my own strategies.

Anyone who can help, please let me know! I'll be lurking here and playing on the ladder some more.
hi, so ive been sort of scared by little cup during bw due to a bunch of people complaining about the triple M core, and speed ties. however, people seem really enthusiastic about the quality of the current pokebank meta, and their enthusiasm has been contagious. ive dipped my toes into pretty much every tier apart from doubles and lc in BW, and im really enjoying it so far, the amount of strategies and mons ive seen on the ladder and in posted teams so far is really cool. so im gonna lurk around here, add #littlecup to my ajoin list, learn the tier, and hopefully make some new friends :)
yo so everyone was saying this tier was really cool and amazing etc, so after a bit of persistent asking from the likes of raseri i started playing lc today and its rly fun wow
like this is an awesome tier, im really enjoying it. im pretty much getting into this and doubles at the same time, which is weird cos they're both quite different from the usual singles tiers, but really enjoyable in their own way.

im looking forward to getting into this tier more, so yeah this should be a good time :)

ps: spikes bunnelby is mlg
pps: so's pawniard
Hello there, I've tried out LC in BW a little bit, but didn't play it for long, because I was pretty clueless about the meta. With the start of gen6 though, the lower BW tiers kind of died out, except for NU, of which I got kind of bored as well. And because I don't really like OU, I decided I will try LC again, as it's sure to be exciting at the start of a generation. (I started playing fairly recently and haven't even been around for any tier shifts, so this is a big draw for me). So from now on I'll be lurking #littlecup and trying to integrate myself in the community. :)
Hey all - I'm pretty new to LC and competitive pokemon in general. Played Gen 1 when it first came out when I was a wee lad. Followed up with some Gen 2, but then fell out of touch with pokemon for a while. I'm making my return now with Gen 6 and would love to get into the competitive scene. I've lurked around Smogon for a while now and recently joined up in Pokemon Showdown. Hope to see all ya'lls around - looking forward to learning a thing or two, and maybe teaching a bit as well. ^_^
hey everyone, i'm winter wave and lc seems really popular, so i figured i should try this out! lc is really cool in the fact that it's super different than regular singles, evs are different and pokemon are cuter!
so anyway I'm really looking forward to hanging out with you guys :)


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Hi guys, I am TCR, a lot of you guys might have seen me on Showdown a lot, probs smashing km or something idk, but I figured I would start posting more in this subforum since I pretty much never did last generation. Im TheRealTCR on IRC, and most of my showdown alts are usually something to do with TCR. I would love to get to know a lot of the newer players, as im not really a "new" player per say, but I would still like to do a introduction n_n
Hello, LC!

I am second-in-command of the sprite project, and to celebrate 100 posts, I'm going to post for the first time outside of it. i.e., I'm a dork OK

I'm also a Little Cup fan. I started using Showdown in September and picked up the metagame quickly. After that, the sprite project ate all of my gen 6 laddering plans. I miss my "rival" Sidneyfluff, and watching the LC room be a hilarious whirlwind of rude and obnoxious.


Goddess Bri because she cares so much, and I notice how much effort she's been putting into promoting LC. It's SPL territory now, so I guess we're making progress. You're a role-model! <3

And to apt-get, even though I've never spoken to him or anything. I liked his VoltTurn team and it ended up inspiring the first team I made. It went through some changes and I got far enough with it. I have no regrets.

Anyway, I'll start playing again when the project is over. ouo
A bit late, aren't I?

Hello, I'm Expulso, and I'm new to competitive battling this gen. I got into LC because I figured it might be easier to learn then OU, and, honestly, I figured I might be able to obtain some distinction here easier. I'd love to get to know all of you!
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