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Best of 3: ADV OU / DPP OU / BW OU. Higher seed picks the first tier, loser picks the next game.
Standard tournament rules apply. Standard tier lists and bans apply.

1. Posting replays is mandatory. For this round and all rounds. If you don't post them, I will disqualify you. If you lose them, I will make you replay the set. No exceptions.
2. Posting scheduled times is mandatory. The whole point of this tournament is to have some amazing old gen games for everyone to watch. Once you've scheduled, you must post the time. Please post it here: If it changes due to unforeseen circumstances, that's ok -- just make sure to update it on the sheet.
3. Schedule early. The deadline for each round is one week (round 1 excepted). If you have trouble scheduling, I'll work with you as long as both parties are trying and you get to me early in the week.
4. Do not play your next match in the bracket until the next round has begun. Any time after the deadline for the previous round is ok. This tournament is seeded, which means you know your next opponent. Don't play them until the next round is up. It'll make the tournament unwieldy. As soon as the deadline for R2 has expired, you can play R3 matches regardless of whether the thread is up.

The deadline for Round 1 is Sunday, May 19th at 11:59PM EST. If there's any confusion about this, let me know. I know it's mother's day, so let me know if there are conflicts early

This tournament has a Discord server!
You can find all scheduled times there + replays. The Discord is the best place to keep up to date with the tournament -- I'm not going to organize the The link is here:

My Discord handle is spader#1348

If you have:
  • a website
  • a product you're trying to sell
  • an art page
  • a video game
  • a clan
  • a birthday wish
Let me know, and I'll advertise it for a small monetary exchange. All proceeds will go directly to increasing the prize pot of the tournament. These don't have to be expensive! If you want to drop 5 bucks to show off something you're doing to several hundred people + support the community while doing it, I'll paste your stuff in Twitch streams and tournament threads.

I'm also running a jumbotron every round! For $1, I'll put ANY* message you want at the top of the thread for next week's round. Again, every dollar will go to making the tournament more hype and supporting people giving you high level matches :)

1. BKC vs 8. ABR
A battle of old versus new. I'd easily consider both of these players to be among the best this site has ever seen. And more importantly, they're hot: neither of them has lost a game this entire tournament. ABR generally pins himself to bulkier builds that have a lot of room to make midground plays that suffocate you over time. Their flexibility lets ABR chip away until, before you realizing it, you're getting beat pretty bad. Lower level players have a really hard time identifying the common places where ABR makes these optimizations, and they get blown back without ever catching a foot in the game. There are two problems with this versus BKC. The first is that he knows no team preview metas better than you do. The tricks and optimizations that ABR is known for in ORAS and (in recent times) BW aren't going to be there. The second is that BKC is a master of knowing exactly what you want. Subtly working your way into a good position is hard when he's making plays to stuff out what you're going for all game.

That being said, ABR is no slouch in any of these gens. He has enough matchup knowledge that you aren't just going to blow him out with something he didn't see coming. While I think it's clear that BKC is a clear favorite when it comes to building and metagame knowledge, ABR is perhaps the most precise player on this site, and it'll be really interesting to see if he can leverage a clean gameplan into cleaner execution to knock off the 1 seed.

4. M Dragon vs 12. Astamatitos
This is the match I'm looking forward to the most after BKC vs ABR. M Dragon is another player who is known for his knowledge of the meta, especially in ADV. He's never been really known for his DPP or BW skills, but all the same I find myself thinking that there aren't many people I would favor over him in these tiers. Astamatitos, on the other hand, is kind of a surprise addition to this top 8. He might be the best ADV player on the site, but I don't think anyone who doesn't know him would think of him when they think of DPP or BW. All the same, I've been impressed from what I've seen from him in these two tiers. He has laid claim to one of the largest ass pulls in history with his DPP game against p2, and since escaping from that series he's looked extremely solid. What I most like about Asta's game is that he's not afraid to pull out the techs. He uses moves that would be considered gimmicky from anyone else and makes them look like precise, surgical tools that fit perfectly on the team. Winner of ADV wins the set.

2. Ojama vs 55. Pohjis
This looks to be the least competitive of the four sets in top 8. Ojama needs no introduction. He's been rocking off kilter teams that work like a charm for a while now. His play is characterized by making very few clear mistakes -- whenever he's in a bad position, it always seems to be in a tight match where his opponent is beating him by a hair. Pohjis, on the other hand, is a huge surprise this tournament. He's beaten two top 10 seeded players (dice and Tamahome) to get to this point. Despite that fact, I haven't been very impressed with him. He utterly brutalized Tamahome in one of the luckiest displays I've seen in a while, and he got an obscene matchup with a Dugtrio team in DP along with more than fair luck against dice in the earlier rounds. I want to see if he has what it takes to beat someone who doesn't fall prey to big matchup weaknesses and doesn't tilt.

19. Finchinator vs 22. -Tsunami-
Definitely didn't expect this in top 8. I can't say that I'm not disappointed that we won't get to see more of Lavos, one of my favorite players on the site, in top 8. But it'd be a shame to completely discount Finchinator. Known as a top BW player, he's shown some skills in other tiers. His DPP game last round, while ultimately swung by luck, showed him making some solid reads that are reminiscent of a DPP vet. Tsunami has somehow liven up to his lucky legacy, having not only an extremely easy bracket to top 8 due to SoulWind's round 1 upset, but also played a non-set vs his one real opponent in the bracket, Fakes. He's been bringing some standard, solid teams which is a bit surprising. I hope that we can see Tsunami bring some wacky stuff to throw the sand balance that we're sure to see from Finchinator off balance.

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