User Bad Ass Presents: The Old Gen Bonanza [Won by Astamatitos]

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Best of 3: ADV OU / DPP OU / BW OU. Higher seed picks the first tier, loser picks the next game.
Standard tournament rules apply. Standard tier lists and bans apply.

1. Posting replays is mandatory. For this round and all rounds. If you don't post them, I will disqualify you. If you lose them, I will make you replay the set. No exceptions.
2. Posting scheduled times is mandatory. The whole point of this tournament is to have some amazing old gen games for everyone to watch. Once you've scheduled, you must post the time. Please post it here: If it changes due to unforeseen circumstances, that's ok -- just make sure to update it on the sheet.
3. Schedule early. The deadline for each round is one week (round 1 excepted). If you have trouble scheduling, I'll work with you as long as both parties are trying and you get to me early in the week.
4. Do not play your next match in the bracket until the next round has begun. Any time after the deadline for the previous round is ok. This tournament is seeded, which means you know your next opponent. Don't play them until the next round is up. It'll make the tournament unwieldy. As soon as the deadline for R2 has expired, you can play R3 matches regardless of whether the thread is up.

The deadline for Round 1 is Sunday, June 2nd at 11:59PM EST. If there's any confusion about this, let me know.

Astamatitos vs. -Tsunami-
Won against -Tsunami- in three, ggs.

I'd like to thank Bad Ass for hosting, i found this tournament to be an amazing experience, thanks to the choice of tiers, seeds and participation by invitation. The seeded format worked like a charm and we ended up with top 8 games that were truly a spectacle to watch.

I'm glad this tour gave me the opportunity to build up on my DPP and BW. I really enjoyed taking the time to study those tiers and figure out what works versus what and having a go with my own teams. I used almost entirely my own builds minus the Garchomp team Ace11 gave me to use vs M Dragon and DBC's torment tran team in my epic series against p2. Thanks to BKC for reviewing my builds whenever asked, your toxic Flygon suggestion clutched me two games alone in this tour. I hope to see more tournaments of this type in the future introduced to our official tour circuit as well.
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