Using the battle engine source code for the first time

I am a competent programmer trying to use the battle engine for my own projects. I've never used javascript but I am pretty capable at python.

My project requires that I isolate the battle engine and introduce arguments to force RNG calls to go as directed. This is just the simplest way to proceed, but I will also need to 'wrap' the engine so that I can make recursive calls. This way if a turn is called, and the RNG instructions are not long enough to finish, the turn will call itself again but with augmented instructions. This allows the *chance node* of the game tree to be explored.

I reckon that most of the source code is not related to the engine at all. It might be prudent to remove as much of it while still maintaining command-line functionality of the engine. Also the engine code itself requires surgery. Once it's done it will work through node sub-process calls from my python code. It is very expensive but my project is a 'proof of concept'.

I'm looking for any help or advice with the source code. Thanks
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