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USM OU Biweekly Research

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Hi everyone and welcome to Biweekly Research, In this thread, the focus will be on playing with a variety of different Pokemon by using competitively testing them out throughout a period of two weeks and writing well-crafted discussion posts on the Pokémon's current viability and niche! Posting laddering peaks with the Pokémon is by no means needed (especially since the ladder isn't the coolest place to be at sometimes) but some type of competitive success through the period is encouraged, be it a replay or two against a good player, a great position at an official, unofficial, or room tour, or anything similar.

Here's an in-depth procedure:
  • Each round, lasting a period of two weeks each (thus biweekly), a Pokémon will be chosen to be analyzed, a new round will start every week.
  • While the previous installment of this series used the time period of a week, I believe the larger timeframe gives more motivation to users and shall hopefully increase the research aspect of the project.

  • If you wanna partake in the round, make a long thought-out post with one of the two Pokémon currently up for discussion, thus the user with the best post will enter the hall of fame.
  • When posting you can include the following: sets used, teambuilding procedure, strengths and flaws of the Pokémon, how the Pokémon is adapted to the current metagame, and cores the Pokémon fits in. But if you wish to add any section not aforementioned feel absolutely free to!
  • Here's an example from the past project.

Now that you know how the Project works, feel free to post away, here are the current research topics:

Round 30 - Mega Alakazam

the deadline is Sunday, April 29th.

Round 31 - Upcoming

the deadline is Sunday, May 6th.
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created a Discord for this server, click here to join! Will hopefully let me know who is willing to post for a certain round and it might just be a nice place to hang out.

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