USM OU - Nuzlocke Tour - Final


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Nuzlocke Tour

| Final |

  • Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon OU, best of one, single elimination.
  • Every player may only have a Pokémon faint once throughout the tour, so if, for example, my Cofagrigus faints during my round 1 match, I won't be allowed to use it anymore throughout the entire tournament.
  • In the case of a double down ending a match, the winner may not keep it's last Pokémon.
  • For the sake of simplicty, every Pokémon that share a dex number also count as the same Pokémon, so if your Ash-Greninja faints, so does your Protean one.
  • If your opponent brings a Pokémon they shouldn't, you have every right to claim a win, however if you wish to, you may still have another match.
  • Due to the nature of this tour, it will only be done with a power of 2 number of players (to avoid people mispending their Pokémon when planning for the final).
  • Similarly, not to screw with people's planning, tier changes will not affect the tour at any point, so if Ash-Greninja is legal in round 1, it will stay legal until the end of the tour.
  • For the sake of fairness, in the case of an activity win or a win due to an opponent bringing unusable Pokémon, the winner will randomly lose a Pokémon from S, A+, A, and A- ranks of the Viability Ranking thread (4 Pokémon). In case all Pokémon in one of these rankings are already unusable, a lower ranking will be picked (B+, B, B-, and so on...).
  • I'll keep everyone updated with their deaths, therefore it is mandatory that you share your replays in this thread.
  • Save your better Pokémon for more important matches, it might not be ideal to lose your Landorus-T and Toxapex in the first round.
  • Try to save your Pokémon if you can still secure a win, even if it may be the easier way to end a match, think twice about sacrificing a Pokémon.
  • Capitalize on the Pokémon your opponent lost. Lando-T fainted? Bringing Mega Charizard-X sounds like a good idea!
Pohjis vs. mael
Death List:
Pohjis - Zapdos; Tapu Fini; Scizor; Tornadus; Tangrowth; Toxapex; Magnezone; Tapu Bulu
mael -
Landorus; Toxapex; Magearna; Tapu Lele; Venusaur; Heatran; Latias; Zapdos; Ferrothorn; Alomomola; Hawlucha; Greninja; Excadrill; Manaphy; Pelipper; Kingdra
Deadline is up to you guys!


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In the first place, I'd like to apologize to the finalists for delaying the thread so much, I wasn't expecting to be this busy at first...

On another note, congratulations for mael for winning the tournament, great job! Also congrats to Pohjis on a runner-up finish.

At last I'd like to thank everyone who took part in this tour, despite some delays in my part and some sleepless nights it was a huge pleasure to host this tour :)

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