Championship - Type B USM OU Nuzlocke Tour - Round 3 [Replays are Mandatory!]


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Nuzlocke Tour

| Round 3 |

  • Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon OU, best of one, single elimination.
  • Every player may only have a Pokémon faint once throughout the tour, so if, for example, my Cofagrigus faints during my round 1 match, I won't be allowed to use it anymore throughout the entire tournament.
  • In the case of a double down ending a match, the winner may not keep it's last Pokémon.
  • For the sake of simplicty, every Pokémon that share a dex number also count as the same Pokémon, so if your Ash-Greninja faints, so does your Protean one.
  • If your opponent brings a Pokémon they shouldn't, you have every right to claim a win, however if you wish to, you may still have another match.
  • Due to the nature of this tour, it will only be done with a power of 2 number of players (to avoid people mispending their Pokémon when planning for the final).
  • Similarly, not to screw with people's planning, tier changes will not affect the tour at any point, so if Ash-Greninja is legal in round 1, it will stay legal until the end of the tour.
  • For the sake of fairness, in the case of an activity win or a win due to an opponent bringing unusable Pokémon, the winner will randomly lose a Pokémon from S, A+, A, and A- ranks of the Viability Ranking thread (4 Pokémon). In case all Pokémon in one of these rankings are already unusable, a lower ranking will be picked (B+, B, B-, and so on...).
  • I'll keep everyone updated with their deaths, therefore it is mandatory that you share your replays in this thread.
  • Save your better Pokémon for more important matches, it might not be ideal to lose your Landorus-T and Toxapex in the first round.
  • Try to save your Pokémon if you can still secure a win, even if it may be the easier way to end a match, think twice about sacrificing a Pokémon.
  • Capitalize on the Pokémon your opponent lost. Lando-T fainted? Bringing Mega Charizard-X sounds like a good idea!
Heika vs. Twixtry
Jrdn vs. wyattdev
Death List:
Mindnight - Heatran; Tapu Bulu; Celesteela; Zygarde; Latias; Landorus; Keldeo; Latios; Tyranitar;
LL -
Tapu Lele; Azumarill; Quagsire; Ferrothorn; Landorus; Latios;
wyattdev -
Tapu Bulu;
Pohjis - Zapdos;
Jrdn - Tapu Lele; Heatran; Mantine; Hoopa; Scizor; Charizard; Landorus; Tapu Bulu;
davidTheMaster -
Clefable; Tapu Lele; Latios; Landorus; Charizard;
TheGreninjaWarrior21 -
Magearna; Clefable; Charizard; Tapu Bulu; Celesteela; Landorus; Zygarde; Celesteela; Keldeo;
mael -
Landorus; Toxapex; Magearna; Tapu Lele; Venusaur; Heatran; Latias; Zapdos; Ferrothorn; Alomomola;
Twixtry -
Tapu Lele;
Toxapex; Shuckle;
Team Pokepals -
Landorus; Tapu Koko; Hawlucha
Deadline is Sunday 14th, 17PM, BRST (GMT -2)
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Opponent gave me the win, but since we lose Pokemon to forfeits and I still haven't lost anything, I'd rather play and have the chance to keep Landorus and Toxapex.

Requesting an extension if possible.


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I'm super sorry everyone! Had quite a troublesome week today and ended up forgetting that the deadline was yesterday, and not today. Either way, I'd like to congratulate everyone that made it into Quarterfinals so far! This tour is getting really interesting with all these fainted mons :)

As for Googly's case, I will give you a 5-day extension, sorry for having to RNG your mons if your opponent is unwilling to battle, in hindsight I think I should have only applied this rule to coinflips, but it's too late now.

Finally, TheGreninjaWarrior21, here's what the RNG got for you:
  • Toxapex; Zygarde; Celesteela; Keldeo;
Quarterfinal's thread will be up shortly!
I had to travel all the way to São Paulo to take a super important test that happened for three days in a row, if that wasn't enough I managed to miss my flight and spend an entire day in the airport trying to buy my way back home.

It was for sure not a very pleasant week :/

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