Tournament USM OU Team Tour - Round 2 (Deadline extended to thursday)

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USM OU Team Tour
What is This Tournament?
  • This tournament pits you and two of your best friends / random users against numerous other teams in a grueling elimination tournament for minor bragging rights.
  • Each team will be pitted against another team, with each competitor playing a single match. The team that collectively wins in a best-of-three format will move on to the next round.
  • Who each team and each player faces will be chosen your team order. You must play against the player you have been placed against, unless both teams come to an agreement for a specific reason (time zones, scheduling issues, hype, etc). Please contact me if you need to change match-ups.
  • Activity wins, coin flips, and forfeits will count as a loss for your team. Try not to let your squad down, and don't be that guy who forfeits when his team has won two games already.
  • Team Building together is fine, going over replays and analyzing opponents is fine. Ghosting, playing for your teammate, or mercing for another team is not fine. It's in the rules below but I really don't want to hear complaints about this.
  • Identity
    • When battling for tournament matches, please use an alt which is the same as/similar to your Forum name. For example, my forum name is lyd, whereas on PS I'm lowlyd or highlyd. That is acceptable, but please try to keep your names at least similar. If I hear about people playing for others or claiming to be someone they are not, I will not hesitate to ban people from these tours.
  • Scouting
    • Next, I do not want to hear anything about counterteaming, at all. Do not complain about it. I also don't want to hear about any blatant scouting. There is a difference between "[user] is known for using stall" and "let me follow [user] around all day to watch all his battles since I am his opponent". I expect a lot of the former and none of the latter. With that said, I give permission to all battlers to ask any person spectating their battle to leave if they do not want them watching. This being said, knowing what your opponent is going to use by studying their playstyle through replays is not against the rules, and is common practice in tournaments.
  • Timer Clause
    • The timer is not mandatory in matches, so it is ultimately up to the discretion of you and your opponent whether you choose to use it. However, I don't want to hear anyone complaining about losing to timeout. In the end, the timer is part of the game, and if you cannot pick your moves within 5 minutes, then that is your problem. However, you should also be courteous and let your opponent take their time with their moves. In any tour, it is important to make sure you think your moves through completely. So don't be afraid to take your time. Time stalling will not be tolerated, so agree to not be an hour-a-move and you should be good.
  • Disconnections
    • Disconnections are something that sometimes just happen, and there's nothing you can do about it. In the event of a disconnect, the decision is in the hands of the player who did not disconnect. They can do one of three things: replay with the same moves, replay with different teams, or take the win. While disconnects are simply a part of online competition, please try your best to create a situation where there is as little of a chance to disconnect as possible (ie, don't play on your smartphone in the middle of the woods and you should be fine). If your opponent disconnects and then changes their team, and you have good reason to believe they did so, send me replays of the original match and the rematch and I will make the final call.
  • Ghosting
    • I don't want any drama about hearing that, "Oh he was ghosted by person x and that's why he won." Keep it fair guys, it's just a fun tournament, that's all.
  • Activity Posts
    • I don't want people making baseless activity posts. Provide reasons for them like, VMed/PMed and not responded, last seen was "xxxxx", etc. Also, there is a deadline to complete the matches so make the activity posts accordingly. Activity wins, coin flips, and forfeits will count as a loss for your team. Try not to let your squad down, and don't be that guy who forfeits when his team has won two games already.
  • Sign-Up Format
    • Team Name: The Examples
      Player 1 (Team Captain)
      Player 2
      Player 3
    • If your team name is overly rude or inappropriate I will replace it with something a first grader would find funny. I'm okay with a little bit of crassness but you should have an idea when it'd be a bit much. Just a head's up.
    • If you're looking to sign as a free agent, posting something along the lines of "in as free agent" is fine. You'll be teamed up with teams missing a player or other free agents.
  • Timeline
    • Sign-ups will run for the next 4 days and will cut-off at 32 teams of 3 players each, resulting in a total of 96 players. the first 20 teams are guaranteed in, the rest will be RNG'd. After this, each round will consist of 1 week (except round 1 which will take 1 week and 3 days).
nagar palika ko bulao
(2) vs. Team tdjas (1)
dhaarma vs. Drud
suicide sadboy cavern (0) vs. Afrab Af (2)
LL vs. Jsaok3
Zden la chupa (2) vs. Tbd (1)
ZDen vs. Marrano
ganggg (0) vs. The Doublade Rank Squad (0)
Sayuze vs. EviGaronaile​
dom vs. eht
Caterpie Catchers (0) vs. If you guys enjoyed this video, make sure you subscribe and share for more :] Also, if you'd like to submit any unfortunate clips of your own, message me on discord at GunnerRohan# 5701. (2)
O Futuro do Baril (1) vs. CHOPMILAS (2)
LeoShakur vs. FMG
Big Bang Crew (2) vs. The Dodrios (0)
michy47 vs. Harpp
"yea Noveliss i thought msu was white like he dont talk like us" (1) vs. MegaWhiteNutz (1)
Los Chacayes (2) vs. Wolves (1)
Let’sTryNotToLose (2) vs. FA Dream Team (1)
I breathed in. "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!" My father burst from my closet. "I told you I'd thump ya if I ever caught you hittin' that yeet, nibba," he ejaculated. Then, he thumped me. I haven't hit that yeet since. (2) vs. Mango Chutney (0)
Dragon Rush (1) vs. ATM (2)
CaCaTuA vs. TPP
Shoot vs. Simia
RockWreckers (0) vs. 3 Moosketeers (0)
Celeste (1) vs. HeatingAss (0)
it really do be like that sometimes (2) vs. Vanguard Action Squad (0)
vso vs. Acsel
[USER=404410]Ske Mask The Slump God[/USER] vs. Zaker
Brick Squad (2) vs. Team Landorus-Therian (1)
The Deadline
for Round 1 is July 27th, Friday.[/user]
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