USUM DOU Stage 4 Suspect Voting

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I'm pretty indifferent on this still. I think talkingtree and I showed this meta still has some depth to it if you give it a shot, but that depth gets much more clearer with Gengar gone imo

Gengarite: Ban


take a sip babes
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This suspect test is over.

Ban: 40
Do Not Ban: 6

60.60% of all qualified voters have voted to ban Gengarite from Doubles OU. The remaining 20 voters cannot change the result of the vote.

Thus, Gengarite will be banned from Doubles OU.

The thread will remain open for the remaining voters to cast their vote over the next couple days until the end of Wednesday, November 14. PM talkingtree or myself if you qualify for the Tier Contributor Badge by having a total of 8 votes or more

late edit: final tally for votes was 49 ban, 12 do not ban, 5 no response, for a total of 74.24% in favor of banning.
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