USUM DOU Stage 5 Suspect Voting

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The following 69 users will vote on Marshadow in Doubles OU:

If your name is on the list but you don't have posting privileges in this forum by tomorrow, just shoot a PM to MajorBowman or talkingtree and we'll have you added.

Please use the following format for your posts:
Marshadow: Unban
Marshadow: Do Not Unban
Note that Marshadow will be unbanned only if a 60% majority is reached.

Additionally, if this is your 8th suspect vote, send MajorBowman and talkingtree a PM with a link to all 8 votes in order to be nominated for the Tiering Contributor badge!

Thanks to everyone who took part in the suspecting process!

NOTE TO NEW VOTERS: your vote will not show up until the end of the suspect test, even to yourself, so don't resubmit it.
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