USUM DOU Suspect Test 3 - Voter Identification Thread (READ THE OP!)

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Post a screenshot here of your ladder alt proving that it's you to get the right to vote in the suspect. Please do not post anything besides reqs confirmation in this thread!

Please be wary and ladder with your own accounts, whether it be your main account or your alts. Do not under any circumstances ladder with an account that either belongs to someone else or you share with someone else. Any suspicious accounts found that are submitted for reqs will be voided and infracted for.

One will instead satisfy the following criteria in order to qualify to vote:

GXE ≥ 80.0
GXE + battle count ≥ 120

For example, a player who has a GXE of 80 and plays 40 battles will qualify to vote.

You must display the following in your screenshot:
1. Your username on the upper right corner / chatbox part of the UI and / or the "Reset W/L" part if you do /rank if your alt name does not share your forum username.
2. Minimum of 80 GXE
3. Your battle count, with the Battle Count + GXE adding to at least 120!

It is important that you follow the rules above completely.

The suspect ladder will be up until Sunday, May 20, 11:59 pm (GMT -4). You can submit your reqs confirmation at any time from now until the ladder closes. Good luck!
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