USUM Doubles OU Suspect Test 1 - Voter Identification Thread (READ THE OP & POST #74)

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Confirming as flourishingsteel
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My Necrozma team comp entry pulled through! Also nvakna rain is so good.
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confirming as zokurubadgewhore bc of a friendly challenge, I admit I never played Doubles in my life but it ended up to be a fun experience with nothing in common with Singles so if I find a tutor I will definitly try to learn the tier seriously :heart:


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Confirming as Gloomdwell (I made this alt before I saw GenOne's lol)

I have a couple of shoutouts:
  • Shoutout for GenOne for having a nice alt;
  • Shoutout for Mega Scizor for dodging every Fire Blast and Heat Wave;
  • Shoutout to my opponents to flinching me with every Rock Slide;
  • And Shoutout to Marshadow for helping me ban it!
It was some fun laddering :)
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