Tournament USUM PU First Blood Tournament (won by ggggd)

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activity wins:
Specs Jigglypuff vs. EnemyJurist
LordST vs. Holiano


Skipkan vs. Has Tattoos
TJ vs. Shadestep


[22:51] @Taskr: !pick Wamr, Ares
We randomly picked: Ares

[22:03] @Taskr: !pick Santu, iRazvann
We randomly picked: Santu

[22:04] @Taskr: !pick Akashi, PTF
We randomly picked: PTF

[22:05] @Taskr: !pick Crashy, Dibs the Dreamer
We randomly picked: Crashy

[22:10] @Taskr: !pick Sultan of Skook, neomon
We randomly picked: neomon

[22:12] @Taskr: !pick Haund, Slowbroth
We randomly picked: Slowbroth

[22:13] @Taskr: !pick Calucha, Akir
We randomly picked: Akir

Deadline for extensions is Thursday 11:59pm (GMT+0)

Next round will be up in a couple of hours.
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Round 2

Mysterious M vs. Stan Soojung
pinktidal vs. (winner of TJ vs. Shadestep)
cryalot vs. Many
Crashy vs. Aaronboyer
Akir vs. MadMax123
Specs Jigglypuff vs. Skankovich
MiyoKa vs. ggggd
Bad Luck Leo vs. Iura
Hitmontop Guy vs. zoowi
vs. Ares
Megazard vs. neomon
vs. Sixes_
Slowbroth vs. Lakeredman
allstarapology vs. GenZeon
SergioRules vs. LordST
vs. PTF


Please post or pm me replays. Deadline is Monday 11th December 11:59pm (GMT+0), Good luck!
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