Tournament USUM PU First Blood Tournament (won by ggggd)

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Unfortunately gonna have to call activity. Tried to give my opponent the benefit of doubt after being coin flipped Round 1, but it's been 5 days and he hasn't contacted back.
activity wins:

Crashy vs. Aaronboyer


cryalot vs. Many


[01:36] Taskr: !pick Akir, MadMax123

We randomly picked: MadMax123

[01:37] Taskr: !pick Miyoka, ggggd

We randomly picked: ggggd

[01:38] Taskr: !pick Bad Luck Leo, Iura

We randomly picked: Iura

[01:40] Taskr: !pick Miere, Sixes_

We randomly picked: Miere

deadline for extensions is Thursday 14th December 11:59 (GMT+0)
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Round 3 Predictions

Aaronboyer vs. MadMax123 let's be real (0/100)
(winner of cryalot vs. Many) vs. Iura I think Many just has slightly more experience than cryalot although it could go either way. I think Many can easily win against lura too. (vs cryalot 45/55) (vs lura 35/65)
LordST vs. Miere Miere Miere on the wall, who's the cutest of them all? Turns out it's LST. But in all seriousness LST is just getting better and better week by week and is totally a contender to win this entire tournament (35/65)
Skipkan vs. Mysterious M Name I recognize (45/55)
Skankovich vs. ggggd And yet another contender to win this entire tournament; Pablo has been rockin' it lately and I wish him all the best of luck (35/65)
Santu vs. zoowi Sun lovers stick together. (40/60)
Megazard vs. Slowbroth What do you think this is? In Memory of PU Finals? I think Slowbroth is going to slightly out-edge Megazard this time around but the series could also easily go to MZ. This is easily the highlight match of the round. (49.49/50.51)
allstarapology vs. pinktidal Getcha' game on; go play! (65/35)
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Aaronboyer vs MadMax123 Aaron is pretty cool ig
LordST vs Niere ST is pretty cool ig
Skipkan vs Mysterious M
Skankovich vs ggggd recognize name lol
Santu vs Zoowi I hope Zoowi loses for using block pyukumuku tbh
Megazard vs Slowbroth cool matchup hopefully will be close
Allstarapology vs Pinktidal


literally who
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neomon beat me and forgot to post and i was lil annoyed about the luck so didnt follow up, but i edited him into the bracket n stuff. predictions above are off but seriously who predicts for r3 of first blood
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