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Evening. I wanted to nominate a Pokemon that has been rightfully UR for several generations. I feel as though Gen 7 really helped it rise, and I'd like to explain my reasoning why. No, my username is not relevant - it is a mere coincidence.

UR -> D

I nominate Regigigas to D on account of a few features present in Gen 7 that push Regigigas to relevancy. Let's address the elephant in the room - Regigigas' Slow Start is the single worst ability in the game (well, okay - besides maybe Truant). Forcing Regigigas to survive for 5 turns doesn't seem that implausible - but on account of its movepool, lacking any form of recovery, Protect and not even Rest, it really does push it into awful territory.

However, thanks to Generation 7, Regigigas has a recovery move allowing it to more easily survive for 5 turns - Z-Psych Up. Thanks to Regigigas' still solid defenses, it can heal at low % with Z-Psych Up and give it the potential to survive for 5 turns. This set is especially dangerous once Regigigas gets behind a Substitute - Regigigas' Substitutes are difficult to break, and it can afford the HP loss thanks to Z-Psych Up being effective once it reaches low percents. If Z-Psych Up is not needed, Regigigas can instead opt to go for a Breakneck Blitz if it is running Normal-type STAB.

One other attribute with Psych Up I wanted to mention was the use of Swagger instead of Confuse Ray. Confuse Ray itself was rare on Regigigas, but Swagger gives Regigigas the chance to steal stat boosts from bulky or special attacking Pokemon.

Now, Regigigas still has two very obvious flaws. Phazing is a huge one (albeit a lot less common than it was in gens 4-5, thanks to Team Preview). It also has severe 4 moveslot syndrome - Regigigas has to dedicate four moveslots:

- Psych Up
- Thunder Wave / Swagger
- Substitute
- Frustration, Return - needed to OHKO certain key Pokemon in the metagame after Slow Start wears off / Drain Punch.

This makes Regigigas easily beaten by Ghost-types and potentially Rock and Steel types (though Regigigas is still capable of dishing a nice chunk if it is able to nab a +2 boost from Swagger). Therefore, Regigigas needs some team support (namely a Pursuit trapper like Spiritomb) to clean up late-game.

If sub-tiers existed in D, Regigigas is most certainly fit for D-. However, I really do think that Regigigas has potential to be in D thanks to Z-Psych Up allowing it to easily beat unprepared teams late-game.

I have a few replays I'll post after doing a few more battles to get a better feel of the mon.

Have a short dump, will be adding more shortly. - We both made a few misplays here and there, but this showcases the late-game sweeping potential a well-played Regigigas can do. It also shows off Breakneck Blitz (actual sweep starts turn 17) - Generic Z-Psych Up + Swagger setup. - Regigigas is able to clean the rest of the team after minor set up against Tangela. (turn 30)

And a few minor ones caused by my opponents not being the best: - Sweeps early on due to my opponent not having anything for Normal-types. / - These players aren't great. However, this showcases the ideal Regigigas set up as well as the use of Swagger + Z-Psych Up, so I thought it was worth showcasing.
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Gumshoos from Unranked to C-

Stakeout Frustration hits incredibly hard and since Stoutland left the tier I believe this Pokemon has a niche now in being a strong Normal type wallbreaker as it can hit a lot harder than Kangaskhan and can gain momentum with U-turn or hit Rock and Steel type switch ins hard with Earthquake. Gumshoos can also afford to invest in HP meaning it can often live a hit before firing back. Here I will show some calcs and replays of this working in action.

  • +2 252+ Atk Choice Band Gumshoos Return vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Weezing: 309-364 (92.5 - 108.9%) -- guaranteed OHKO after Stealth Rock and Black Sludge recovery
  • +2 252+ Atk Choice Band Gumshoos Earthquake vs. 252 HP / 56+ Def Regirock: 306-360 (84 - 98.9%) -- 75% chance to OHKO after Stealth Rock and Leftovers recovery
  • +2 252+ Atk Choice Band Gumshoos Earthquake vs. 248 HP / 8 Def Spiritomb: 296-349 (97.6 - 115.1%) -- guaranteed OHKO after Stealth Rock
  • +2 252+ Atk Choice Band Gumshoos Return vs. 252 HP / 64 Def Eviolite Gurdurr: 346-408 (92.5 - 109%) -- 87.5% chance to OHKO after Stealth Rock
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Bouffalant from Unranked to C+

To be honest, I feel this thing is unranked because people have simply forgotten about it. It's not exactly great like it used to be but it's far from being bad. And it's not like it has only one niche. Bulky SD, Choice Band, and Assault Vest are all very viable sets to run.

Bouffalant is incredibly bulky for a sweeper. 95/95/95 defenses make it the second bulkiest SD user in the tier, losing only to Type: Null and tying with Silvally. However, its niche over Type: Null is important; it actually has decent coverage options. That being said, Bouffalant's Return + Earthquake is only resisted by Oricorio-G, Haunter, Gourgeist, and Misdreavus (and maybe some other non-relevant Ghost-types).

Also, now that Stoutland is gone, I would say it's the best Normal-type CB user in the tier. Choice Band Head Charge + Reckless literally 2HKOes (if not OHKOes) anything that isn't resistant or immune to it. Superpower and Earthquake prevents it from being totally walled by Regirock.

252+ Atk Choice Band Reckless Bouffalant Head Charge vs. 252 HP / 0 Def Eelektross: 415-489 (110.9 - 130.7%) -- guaranteed OHKO
252+ Atk Choice Band Reckless Bouffalant Head Charge vs. 252 HP / 0 Def Drampa: 394-465 (109.4 - 129.1%) -- guaranteed OHKO
252+ Atk Choice Band Bouffalant Megahorn vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Eviolite Tangela: 168-198 (50.2 - 59.2%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
252+ Atk Choice Band Reckless Bouffalant Head Charge vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Weezing: 219-258 (65.5 - 77.2%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Black Sludge recovery
252+ Atk Choice Band Reckless Bouffalant Head Charge vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Mudsdale: 247-292 (61.1 - 72.2%) -- guaranteed 2HKO even after +1 from Stamina

252+ SpA Choice Specs Pyroar Fire Blast vs. 16 HP / 4 SpD Bouffalant: 271-321 (80.8 - 95.8%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
252+ SpA Oricorio-Sensu Supersonic Skystrike (185 BP) vs. 16 HP / 4 SpD Bouffalant: 283-334 (84.4 - 99.7%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
252+ SpA Choice Specs Aurorus Blizzard vs. 16 HP / 4 SpD Bouffalant: 255-301 (76.1 - 89.8%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
+1 252 SpA Lilligant Breakneck Blitz (200 BP) vs. 16 HP / 4 SpD Bouffalant: 301-355 (89.8 - 105.9%) -- 37.5% chance to OHKO
252+ Atk Life Orb Sheer Force Kingler Liquidation vs. 16 HP / 0 Def Bouffalant: 270-320 (80.5 - 95.5%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

The point is, this thing can take a hit even uninvested and can hit very hard in Return :blobthumbsup:. Maybe it isn't as good as it was back in its glory days of Gen 6, but I definitely believe it deserves the honor of being ranked.


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I know this has been a long time coming but I hope this massive overhaul was worth the wait. We're nowhere near rearranging the VR as the new meta continues to take shape, but here's a decent stab at it after a full council inspection. We added whatever personal nominations we had while also voting on everything in the thread, including nominations which came before tier shifts and made a lot more sense back then (see: dropping Floatzel while we still had Ferro/Gastro). Also Teddeh had to sit this one out unfortunately.
Changes that went through

Altaria ranked at A-
Qwilfish ranked at A
Scyther ranked at A-
Froslass ranked at A
Omastar ranked at A
Kingler A+ to S
Pyroar A+ to S
Aggron A- to A+
Eelektross A+ to A
Swanna A+ to A
Hitmonchan A to A-
Weezing A to A-
Lanturn A- to A
Lycanroc A- to A
Togedemaru A- to A
Type: Null A- to B+
Abomasnow B+ to B
Musharna B+ to B
Raichu-Alola B+ to B
Sandslash-Alola B+ to A-
Poliwrath B to A-
Bellossom B to B+
Mudsdale B to B+
Oricorio-Pom-Pom B to B+
Persian-Alola B to B+
Combusken B- to B
Crabominable B- to B
Silvally-Dragon C+ to B
Golem B- to C+
Mr. Mime B- to C
Carbink C+ to C
Manectric C+ to B-
Silvally-Ghost C+ to B-
Silvally-Water C to B-
Jumpluff C to C+
Munchlax C to C+
Turtonator C to C+
Stunfisk D to C
Dusknoir C- to C
Ninetales C- to D
Noctowl C- to D
Wishiwashi C- to D
Gumshoos Unranked to C-
Rampardos Unranked to D
Komala C- to Unranked
Leavanny C- to Unranked
Dusclops D to Unranked
Golem-Alola D to Unranked
Gourgeist-Small D to Unranked
Hippopotas D to Unranked
Masquerain D to Unranked
Marowak D to Unranked
Rotom-Spin D to Unranked
Sliggoo D to Unranked
Swoobat D to Unranked
Togetic D to Unranked
Zebstrika D to Unranked

Nominations that were rejected

Carracosta A to A-
Jynx A to A+
Primeape A to A+
Drampa B+ to B
Floatzel B+ to B
Haunter B+ to B
Raticate-Alola B+ to B
Probopass B to B-
Ninjask D to Unranked
Ampharos Unranked to D
Regigigas Unranked to D
Electrode Unranked to D
Farfetch'd Unranked to D
Bouffalant Unranked to D
There is no chance I can explain all of this, if any of it seems confusing or out of nowhere, feel free to ask the discord/room/SQSA thread. A lot of them are common sense with the tier shifts (Hippopotas and Alolem unranked because no more Stoutland/Ferroseed are good examples of that), metagame shifts from a while back while we weren't updating the VR during PUPL (Aggron, Watervally and Dragvally all rose multiple ranks, as did Poliwrath due to our new S rank friends), cleaning up some really bad stuff in D rank, and just general minor changes we all agreed on like raising Togedemaru slightly.
Ranking the new drops was something we all agreed on for the most part. Qwilfish and Froslass are both changing the meta significantly with Spikes and are definite contenders to rise in the future, Omastar is a very dangerous sweeper that really impacts the speed tiers teams have to hit, Altaria is a not quite outstanding but still overall solid Defogger that has become a lot easier to pressure in this new meta, and Scyther is fairly strong but has a lot of bad matchups vs very common Pokemon like Togedemaru, Regirock, and Froslass.
As for the new S ranks, just a little bit of time playing PU or spectating tournaments such as PUPL should make it fairly evident how strong both Pyroar and Kingler are. They both have very few switchins, just lost some of their best counterplay, are capable of easily switching up coverage to annoy what few checks they do have without crippling themselves, and benefit greatly from the influx of Spikes. Their offensive presence is basically the reason behind balance struggling so much, and if you want to hear more about how dominating they are, HJAD and I talk about it on this week's Untier Talk. As always, the charts of who voted for what and how strongly we feel about things is viewable here. Anyway, feel free to go ahead and start nominating things for the new meta, I know I've already got several regarding the size of A and C-.


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(click the sprite for the set i'm referencing.)
K, gonna try and get these new nominations started with by nominating Rotom-F to go from C+ to B- at like 3 am. In my opinion, one thing that's gonna be important in this Spikes-filled metagame is having a remover that can also pressure the setters without generating a free turn for something in the back, with a common example of this being Hitmonchan versus pretty much every spinblocker bar Golurk to some degree. Rotom-F, at least from my experience, does a rather decent job at being an offensive Defogger, with its offensive typing and Speed tier giving it the ability to capitalize on certain drops in Qwilfish, Omastar, Altaria, and Scyther to some degree; older faces that have increased in usage like Regirock to some degree (not hard to wear this down + takes a lot from Z-Blizzard), Mudsdale, Poliwrath, Kingler, and bulky Oricorio formes; and some stops like Clefairy and Hitmonchan either not being used as much or not being as good as they used to be, respectively. Although Togedemaru and Lanturn are more prominent than they were before, both lack reliable recovery, both hate switching in on a potential Will-O-Wisp (depending on the Lanturn set), the former runs Iron Barbs more often than Lightning Rod and has lackluster bulk, and the latter can be easily worn down by other things like hazards and Pyroar (ban this Pokemon btw). Rotom-F also provides teams with some decent defensive presence given its decent bulk, workable typing, and useful immunity to Ground, which is notable because of this meaning that it's a remover that's immune to Spikes.

Another thing to note is that Pain Split, while not the most reliable, is a means of recovery that allows Rotom-F to mitigate that pesky Stealth Rock weakness as well as take advantage of Pokemon like Lanturn, and let's not forget that it offers teams with an offensive pivot because of Volt Switch, which is pretty good considering the switches its typing allows it to force + the overall viability of other pivots increasing + potential residual damage racking up. To sum it up, though threats like Pyroar and Lycanroc are very common and good, the role compression Rotom-F can provide teams with while still maintaining both decent offensive and defensive presence is pretty good at the moment, and I believe it deserves a slight rise because of this.

Not much else I could say about other stuff besides maybe moving Omastar up to at least A, or maybe even A+, but I am too tired for that, so

e: big fan of yogibears
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Gorebyss B- -> C
With the introduction of Omastar to the tier, I feel like Gorebyss is no longer as good a choice as a specially offensive Shell Smash sweeper as it used to be. With better bulk, a higher Speed, higher Special Attack, and a better ability in Weak Armor there is no doubt that Omastar is going to be used on times 9 times out of 10 instead of Gorebyss. While Gorebysses pure Water-typing lets it take Fighting-type priority much better than Omastar, Omastar's additional Rock-typing gives it more opportunities to switch in against Pokemon, such as Normal-, Poison-,and Flying-types, and set up on them.

Victreebel C+ -> B-
With the offense direction the meta is taking, I really fancy Victreebel's ability to sweep late game with its Z Sleep Powder Swords Dance set. On offensive builds Victreebel's DUAL typing provides a lot of resistances, letting it switch in and often take a hit before either forcing a switch or using Z Sleep Powder to begin its set up. Given that a lot of defensive Pokemon rely on Toxic to chip offensive threats, Victreebels immunity to this helps it out a lot allowing it to sometimes even set up further on these Pokemon. Overall, thanks to it's amazing DUAL typing and it's high damage output, I feel that Victrebell fits the criteria of offensive builds very nicely at the moment.
'sup peeps, just wanted to make a quick post talking about junkmons nobody rlly ever uses:

Probopass: B -> B-/C+
this seems quite harsh but there's really just no reason to use this anymore. Its ability to trap steels is inherently absent without ferroseed, and its only real niche in the tier boils down to revenging choice-locked/taunt rocks aggron. it's just not good.

Crustle: C+ -> C
fierce competition with omastar as a lead entry hazard spammer and qwilfish as a spiker in general is a huge liability for it, as well as spikestack teams in general shifting towards a rocker/spiker/remover style for entry hazards to be up more consistently. it has okay role compression if you really need two hazards up and a lead weakened, but there will be many instances where you'll wish you'd be using something like oma or qwil + mes.

Smeargle: C+ -> C
not being able to viably run mental herb for a lead as niche and slow as this is a huge liability where a bunch of faster taunt users are becoming more prevalent, and alongside extreme predictability, smeargle is very exploitable as a lead to the point where it's almost dead weight in a handful of games.

Vigoroth: C- -> D
likewise with probopass, its ability to taunt and set up on ferroseed was a huge perk for it being a bulky wincon that could differentiate between null, and with ferro gone and teams looking for a consistent check to special breakers, vigoroth struggles a lot. doesn't help that froslass also exists as a fast taunting ghost that completely ruins its chances of sweeping.

two nominations I'd like to echo:

frostom up to b-: yeah absolutely.
won't reiterate too much but its ability to dismantle spikestack cores, defog, and generate momentum all into one slot is really valuable, and its increase in usage in pupl towards the end reflects this.

gorebyss down: sure, but maybe not to C. Its main niche right now is being able to break past poli with psychic and having a pure water typing so rain checks like vest chan can't just revenge with mach punch. this is fairly niche, but then again so is the archetype as a whole so :shrug:
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Haven't posted anything here in a while, welp time to change that with some big VR noms. And some less big VR noms. Also they'll probably be on the shorter side since there's so many of them. AKA I'm lazy.


Qwilfish: A -> A+
With Spikes being so relevant in the current meta, Qwilfish stands as one of the main setters. It also has various utility options including Toxic Spikes, Taunt, Thunder Wave, Destiny Bond, and Haze which work well alongside its solid base 85 Speed. With access to Intimidate and a nice defensive typing, Qwilfish is able to switch in against various physical attackers like Hitmonchan and Scyther, giving it more opportunities to spam Spikes. Qwilfish's typing is good on the offensive side too, supplying good coverage alongside potential Burns and Poisons, making it not a complete dead weight in many situations. It can also serve as a Rain sweeper, with its ability to check Hitmonchan and access to Swords Dance making it a primary option on Rain teams.

Omastar: A -> A+
Omastar is simply a major offensive threat in PU. It has a great Special Attack and coverage, making it difficult to wall, especially after setting up a Shell Smash. Even with its low base Speed, the combination of Shell Smash and Weak Armor, or Swift Swim if serving as a Rain sweeper, make it extremely difficult to revenge kill without priority. And even priority, if not super-effective, can be an unreliable way to pick up the KO on Omastar due to its high physical bulk. This bulk alongside a solid defensive typing give it a good defensive presence too, making it all the easier to find opportunities to set up. And I haven't even mentioned its access to all three of Stealth Rock, Spikes, and Toxic Spikes, meaning it can instead be run more defensively or as a suicide lead, if its Shell Smash set wasn't enough.

Kangaskhan: A -> A+
I nommed Kangaskhan for A a few months ago, and most still applies here. It's got good stats all around, double priority in Fake Out and Sucker Punch, Scrappy, and nice coverage options, with the main being Earthquake. So what's changed since then? First of all, Ferroseed leaving means Kangaskhan has one less threat to worry about running coverage for. Second, in the more offensive meta, its double priority is greatly appreciated, allowing Kangaskhan to revenge kill setup mons and faster threats like Kingler and Froslass. Finally, Kangaspikes is really popular right now, and rightfully so, with two great Spike setters in Qwilfish and Froslass making it easier to break through teams.

Stoutland: A- -> A
I don't know why Stoutland is lower than when it first rose to NU. If anything, its only gotten better since, with Ferroseed rising, making Frustration all the more spammable, and the hazards making it somewhat difficult for checks like Regirock to switch constantly switch in. Stoutland can even abuse Toxic Spikes, as it allows for a Banded STAB base 140 Facade. Not much more to it, Stoutland is just a really solid wallbreaker. Oh yeah and it can be a Sand sweeper. Yep.

Crabominable: B -> B+
Crabominable is a cool Assault Vest user, being one of the best switchins to Aurorus, as well as a solid blanket check for many special attackers like Lilligant and Alolan Exeggutor. It also offers a good offensive presence with its great Attack stat and near-unresisted STAB combination, alongside Drain Punch to maintain health and Earthquake to hit Qwilfish and Froslass. It can also live a hit from either Z-move or Choice Specs Pyroar from full, while OHKOing in return, so there's that.

Kabutops: B -> B+
This is the last Rain sweeper nom, I swear. But in all seriousness Kabutops offers a good offensive presence even outside of Rain, being able to run Swords Dance or Choice Scarf. This is especially nice alongside its good STAB coverage, priority in Aqua Jet, and various utility options such as Rapid Spin and Knock Off. Just an overall solid offensive threat, especially in Rain.

Tangela: B- -> B
B- is just too low for such a large defensive threat, as Tangela serves as a great switchin for so many physical threats such as Stoutland, Lycanroc, and Carracosta. It's somewhat difficult to wear down thanks to Regenerator, as well as various other means of recovery with Leech Seed, Synthesis, and Giga Drain. It also provides good utility with Knock Off, Sleep Powder, and the previously mentioned Leech Seed, or get a surprise KO with Leaf Storm on a more offensive set. While hazards do suck for a mon that depends on switching a lot, Regenerator does somewhat make up for that, giving it an edge over other physical walls like Regirock and Gourgeist-XL. Speaking of Gourgeist-XL, does it not bother anyone else that it's currently at a higher rank than Tangela? Not saying that was the whole reason for this nom, but still, lets change that.


Clefairy: A+ -> A
While still being a solid check to many special attackers like Alolan Exeggutor, a fine Stealth Rock setter and Calm Mind user, and being immune to hazards, the meta just hasn't been nice to Clefairy. It is crippled greatly by Taunt, which has become very common on the likes of Pyroar, Qwilfish, Oricorio-Sensu, and Froslass. It doesn't help that it isn't as reliable of a switchin to certain special attackers, having a slim chance of being 2HKOed by Choice Specs Pyroar and Aurorus, and also fears utility like Trick from Choiced Mesprit and Froslass. Furthermore, it can be easily broken through via physical mons like Aggron and Stoutland, who are fairly common. It can still put in a lot of work, but it's just not A+ material anymore.

Misdreavus: B- -> C+
Misdreavus is another mon who just lost its main niche with the drops. Having served as a fast Ghost-type and spinblocker, setting off fast Will-O-Wisps and Taunts, it now faces large competition in Froslass. It does have some niches, with its immunity to Spikes, and Eviolite alongside a better defensive typing that gives it a better matchup against mons like Stone Edge Hitmonchan, but that just isn't enough to justify using it over Froslass a large amount of the time. This is especially when you consider the various other advantages Froslass has over Misdreavus, with its larger versatility, greater offensive presence, and access to Spikes.

Gumshoos: C- -> D / Unranked
This one was pretty obvious, since it was pretty much just a placeholder for Stoutland as a Normal-type wallbreaker. Now that Stoutland is back, it doesn't have much reason to be used, outside of some small niches in U-turn and a couple good abilities in Stakeout and Adaptability. So if its so obvious, why bother to make the nom? So I can take all the credit, duh.

Previous Noms:
I'm fine with pretty much all the noms made so far, but these two I wanted to "touch up" on.
Gorebyss: B- -> C

While Gorebyss does have a couple niches like not being weak to Mach Punch and Vacuum Wave, I just don't find it that justifiable over using Omastar, so I'm gonna have to side with Conor here. Also Poliwrath doesn't completely wall Omastar due to Z-Hyper Beam, so that kinda deflates that niche.
Crustle: C+ -> C- / D

Pretty much the same case as Gorebyss, except I find it to have even less niches over Omastar than Gorebyss, which is why I'd say it should drop further than C.

Also I hope to make a certain nom sometime in the future, but I need to get a few replays with battles in which I'm not screwed over by hax or some random Trick user, so be excited for that I guess. Assuming VR noms excite you.
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Omastar, Kangaskhan, and Qwilfish are all independently strong presences of whom I've always felt had a pull on the metagame to the extent that they have an extraordinarily defining presence surrounding it, and so I give my 100% personal backing with it. Qwilfish in the hazard stacking department has an astounding level of versatility for teams and this set, as well as the offensive set for rain teams, carve it a niche that gives it integral roles as a team player. It's probably the single most consistent player in the hazard game the tier has with loads of defensive utility, whose ability in checking Gurdurr, Kingler, and even Aggron to an extent are alone enough of an excuse to use it. Its presence for Rain teams is very influential as it's a functional sweeper and breaker that can absorb Toxic Spikes, break past traditional checks to specific rain sweepers, and even offer Spikes support for those archetypes also. Kangaskhan is one of the offensive centerpiece of an intently structured hazard stack builds and does a great job of capitalizing on the offensive metagame with its dominant blanket checking ability, with enough firepower to function reasonably well as an attacker that can break through a variety of bulky Pokemon with the hazard support involved. Omastar is just incredible in general, with so many options for customization as an offensive and defensive threat in general and is quite possibly the single most threatening dedicated sweeper in the tier with plenty of immediate presence between powerful Z-moves, utility in Weak Armor, and ability to fit in Rain. Defensive hazard and Lead sets are vastly underrated too with plenty of noteworthy strengths including its bulk and typing, not being passive, ability to stack up multiple hazards reliably in a way that's unprecedented, and ability to beat Defoggers with the appropriate coverage option. These Pokemon have so much mileage out of their use and are at the level in which they define the meta in ways that makes them totally suitable for A+, so I support.

Two nominations I've wanted to make:
A ---> A+
With the ability to prey on essentially the vast portion of the offensive metagame by virtue of its natural Speed threatening many offensive staples like Pyroar, Scyther, and Froslass, this Pokemon is absolutely phenomenal right now and is one of the most dominating offensive threats in recent times. Not only that, but most forms of defensive counterplay have notably fallen considerably out of favor, due to the combination of metagame shifts providing it a huge spark in viability and how many defensive options like Tangela and Pyukumuku require an immense amount of support to avoid being overwhelmed by popular Spikes-centric archetypes and VoltTurn abusers. Gurdurr and Hitmonchan (though Mach Punch doesn't OHKO while boosted Z Move OHKOs it, so eh) are still relevant threats, also they also have their own work cut out with valuable team players to Lycanroc like Scyther and Qwilfish invalidating their presence throughout the match, and defensive Pokemon that can naturally live a boosted Splintered Stormshards already have their work cut out by needing to keep themselves healthy to avoid being obliterated outright. Furthermore, it has prominent options for forms of priority, even impeding the efforts of Choice Scarf Togedemaru or Mesprit with a boosted Sucker Punch. Lycanroc as an offensive Pokemon probably also has the best overall match up against opposing offensive Pokemon and playstyles (threatening the aforementioned offensive Pokemon, exerting a lot of pressure to KangaSpikes builds, teams with Pokemon reliant of certain Choice Scarf Pokemon that succumb to its priority, etc), and as such is a very legitimate threat worth building around.

A- ---> A
I'm rather biased on this one thanks to my personal fondness for using it, hatred of playing against it, and the good showcasing it has had in tournaments so far. Other than that, the main thing that Scyther has going for it is being the focal key player in a lot of offensive teams for generating a large amount of momentum, and this is further cemented by its amazing synergy with a lot of offensive Pokemon that capitalize on the metagame such as Pyroar, Kingler, Primeape, Omastar, Aggron, offensive hazard stackers, and many more. Not only that, its offensive sets have varying degrees of solid offensive presence and defensive utility with its typing and ability to run Eviolite, allowing it to reliably capitalize on every relevant Grass-type as well as metagame staples like Gurdurr, Mesprit, and Hitmonchan. Its great speed also attributes to the massive amounts of momentum it can generate, as it can force a lot of Pokemon to play on the defensive and allow its team players to actively keep hazards off the field or apply pressure themselves. Speaking of hazards, Its notable Stealth Rock weakness can be worked around just fine, especially when you consider the natural sense of preparation in a Spikes-centric metagame and Scyther's own ability to check deterrents such as Primeape reasonably well. I would say that Scyther's main big flaw is that Rock-types such as Regirock and Omastar are big threats to it in practice, with Regirock needing to be worn down consistently for Scyther to do anything besides U-Turn and Omastar basically using it as set up fodder if it comes in a 1v1 scenario. Other threats I feel are less of an issue with practice, as Togedemaru, Pyroar, and Froslass have difficulties in forcing direct interactions with Scyther due to U-Turn pivoting and Aerial Ace being good at constantly chipping them. For these reasons, Scyther is in my eyes a strong consideration for moving up.

As for things moving down, I'll discuss them later once I'm more certain, but I think Gurdurr and Spiritomb are in a weird spot that makes them feel a tad underwhelming with the new threats they have trouble dealing with, so I'm interested in hearing where you guys stand with them.

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