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Something I've always found to really throw people for a loop with hitmonchan is bulk up spin drain punch and 1 coverage move. The defense buff really helps and often times people don't respect the +1 iron fist drain punch stab and I've used the set to break past spin blockers

Not standard meta but it's just always a mon that has a great lure move and he's always great with a pursuit trapper but it's a wierd case where it makes it often in their best interest to switch in even if it's a lure set as long as You MIGHT deny their spin


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Alolan Exeggutor A- to A
Ludicolo B to B+
Metang C- to C

Jynx A to A-
Clefairy A- to B+
Scyther A- to B+
Spiritomb A- to B+
Floatzel B+ to B
Gourgeist-XL B- to C+
Sandslash D to Unranked
Jellicent S to A+
Alolan Persian A- to A
Eelektross A- to A
Dugtrio-Alola A- to B+
Hitmonchan A- to B+
Roselia B to B+
Pinsir B+ to B
Ursaring B- to C+/C
Cradily C+ to B-
50/50: Mudsdale A+ to A (again), Alolan Raichu B+ to A-, Leafeon B- to B, Shiftry B- to B, Munchlax C+ to lower, Hippopotas D to Unranked
All of the drops are overdue reactions to these Pokemon being less splashable, less used, and facing more competition/issues from Dodrio and Jellicent. Alolan Exeggutor was a unanimous rise with how good both Specs and TR are at the moment, Metang we stayed conservative on but could definitely see rising to C+ in the future, and Ludicolo is super underrated and awkward to check compared to how you go about handling Jellicent.
For once the rejected side is more interesting here. Jellicent was far from an open-and-shut case, we ended up solidly rejecting the idea that it's not consistent or devastating enough to deserve S rank but it was worth the discussion. Ultimately though, the mon is pretty much always a really strong choice, and I'd encourage people to not only use the Specs set as well. Alolan Persian is the best it's ever been, but don't push your luck it's still an awkwardly weak mon that really wants to use the Z slot every time. Eelektross is also better than it's been for a while, but A rank is overstating its long-term usefulness in a match, this mon would also adore some decent recovery. Alolan Dugtrio and Hitmonchan definitely feel a bit worse than the rest of A-, but I think comparing their utility to B+ makes their inclusion seem much more worthwhile, Alolan Dugtrio is also never not going to be underrated as an excellent stall breaker because of how frail it feels but it's seriously annoying to check. Roselia falls under the same umbrella as Alolan Persian, the mon's gotten a lot better and more used but it's still the third best spiker and super physically punished, definitely not as splashable as people make it out to be. Pinsir is still a really scary threat if people would bother to use it, awkward line between splashability and effectiveness but we felt it's good enough at what it does when it does get used to warrant keeping its rank. Same goes for Ursaring. Cradily is a terrible mon, super ineffective in practice, B- is a joke for it. And that's all!
As always, votes ought to be visible here. As for discussion points, we went 50/50 on more nominations than we ever have before so there's plenty to work with if you're looking to make a post but don't have any new nominations. Once again, Mudsdale feels weirdly between A+ and A rank and it's weird to draw the line between how splashable it is and how abusable it can be. There's also the rising of Alolan Raichu, Leafeon, and Shiftry, some borderline offensive Pokemon which are starting to see more love but just barely, dropping Munchlax because it's just harder to justify even though the Toxic set has kept up just fine imo, and unranking Hippopotas because, uh, well if anyone's used sand that'd probably be nice to know. B+ is also pretty big now, I personally think everything belongs except possibly Alolan Raichu (up), Carracosta (down), and Drampa (down) but maybe people will have a different take. See you guys in a couple weeks!


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Double posting because I really like the noms we went 50/50 on.
Mudsdale A+ to A: Voted to leave it but since the vote I've actually changed my mind. We should drop both Mudsdale and Regirock. Neither are remotely bad and they're both super splashable, but the primary wallbreakers have cycled back around to those which abuse the pair well and it's just a function of the meta we're in. Even when you use something like Lycanroc, slapping a Specs Jellicent or Exeggutor on really complicates the lives of those two mons. This is honestly unsurprising when you consider Teddeh was the one pushing the nom originally, he sees farther ahead than plebs like me.
Alolan Raichu B+ to A-: Yeah the threat level of this mon has risen a lot, it's still kinda matchup hit-or-miss but really you miss less often and hit is a lot stronger so there's that. It also really does have more variability than people give it credit for, checking Grass Knot and Substitute can be very different and other sets are genuinely not bad (sash!!)
Leafeon B- to B: Super hard no. I've actually been testing this thing a decent amount, and whether it's Synthesis, Substitute, Chlorophyll sets, Z-Double Edge, Grassium, X-Scissor... I've tried all these different things but they don't fix this mon's flaws. It has no defensive presence, is incredibly hit or miss whether it's going to be able to break the opposing team, has gotten hit real hard by Alolan Exeggutor and Articuno spiking in popularity, suffers from the large amount of Helmets in the meta even though you're usually running a Z-move... 4/10 mon and I'm much more on the side of dropping it tbh. Shiftry is leagues better and I haven't used Victreebel but at least on paper it can break egg.
Shiftry B- to B: No, it's better than Leafeon but you still just can't use it on almost any teams and it's normally not incredibly effective due to how many natural checks you go. Completely solid mon that I wouldn't call crap or consider dropping, but fine where it's at.
Munchlax C+ to lower: I mean nobody's using it but on paper I don't think it's gotten worse at all, checks Egg and Cuno nicely and more Ghost immunities are good, none of its weaknesses have really changed. To want to drop it I'd need to see someone with more experience give more weight to the nomination.
Hippopotas D to Unranked: So apparently the argument is "Sand is good in theory". I don't agree with that, let alone with it being decent in practice. Will continue to champion this until someone else uses Sand and manages to come to the opposite conclusion.
Silvally BUG for C

  • resists fighting, dark, others
  • p. good speed
  • flagship set of flamethrower, surf, air slash, and memory attack is super effective against >90% of tier
  • extremely versatile member of all teams
    • (can be used mono-bug teams)
  • most teams do not have a dedicated Silvally BUG counter
  • clearly better than most everything in "D" range
Don't believe me, watch this particular replay

When you vote, remember the slogan "vote yes on Silvally!"
Slaking Unranked to D

Slaking @ Choice Band
Ability: Truant
Happiness: 0
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Double-Edge
- Earthquake
- Thunder Punch
- Slack Off

Let me make my case. Slaking, as we all know, is absolute trash and unusable in almost every single play style except one (imo): stall. Thanks to the defensive backbone of every single other member of your team, you are allowed the opportunity to click a move with a whopping 628 attack to nuke something on the opponent's side without much drawback at all. The move Slack Off and its amazing speed stat is why I think using this wallbreaker over others on stall is noteworthy. Slaking forces a lot of switches from your opponent which gives Slaking free opportunities to Slack Off and nuke something later on throughout the game. Its base 150/100/65 defenses also means you can switch in on a lot of moves and instantly threaten out your opponent or get a KO depending on the situation. Having cleric and wish support from Audino is super nice for Slaking too as it lets Slaking switch in on moves that risk status. Slaking allows stall to have instant offensive pressure while also having a method of beating pesky stallbreakers like Oricorio-Sensu and PomPom. Using this on any other playstyle except stall is an instant L for you, but trust me, it is one of the best members a stall team can have thanks to its insane nuking power while also letting your team have instant offensive pressure against your opponent. Double-Edge, Earthquake, and Thunder Punch is near-perfect coverage and a well-played Slaking backed by stall is one of the scariest things someone can face.

Replays: (Skip to turn 37)
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Just a few thoughts

You can lower his speed my one point and still outspeed neutral +2 Carracosta. I don't think pu has any base 100 speed pokemon to use

I'd think pursuit should be slashed so You can get the kill more reliably and there can't be normal/ghost minigames against You but I can see not wanting to pursuit when they switch to a ghost

Slanking is a wierd gimmick mon kind of like shednija that random teams have done well with in the past in tiers. I've seen it rocked in ou with solid results. I'm not saying it isn't viable as much as it just makes me think of one off cheese options that can seriously pull weight like clampearl

I think it should be ranked if can be taken as a serious win con for stall otherwise I think there are better banded mons to think about

Not against but I'd want to explore it

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