Tournament USUM UU Top Down Knock Down Tournament (Won by SilvioGuacamole)

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Hey folks, welcome to Round 1 of the tour! I do have a few announcements I'll place in bold as things to remind y'all of as we go ahead.

- Please save and post all of your winning replays. Replays are necessary. I need them for stats to ban stuff. Don't forget 'em.
- As of this point forward, the playable tier for this tournament is locked as-is and cannot change via any bans or unbans made in the tier proper, just those made in the tour. Therefore...
- DO NOT USE BISHARP. It's not in the tier yet, so it's not in this tour.
- You can still sign up as a sub if you want! Just post in as sub or smth.

Round 1:

lordgrim vs. Havens
InvejaMata vs. mellowyellowhd
vs. PILZ
Sneer vs. Monkey Smurf
DraconicLepus vs. Chloe
Liemaster vs. Purifier
Galactiknight vs. Amukamara
Xiri vs. RaJ.Shoot
vs. Emboar02
ayedan vs. Hydreigon Specs
Rawbi vs. martha
Jacobikko vs. vivalospride
wuhoodude vs. Darksafadao
evening vs. ProfessorMasterChief
patoche vs. Lil Infant Tylenol
Lost Soul vs. Velcroc
Daiyaga vs. Harpp
DrakeTTR vs. Rambovic
Phin22 vs. Casparov
MysticalHaze vs. SilvioGuacamole
Indigo Plateau
vs. Sabbio
vs. Kelly957
Juuno vs. Decemm
vs. Alpha Rabbit
reachzero vs. StarBlim
Perish Song vs. A Hero's Destiny
littlelachyjn vs. Luthier
Sickist vs. Anime Sans
BunnyOfGold vs. Diophantine
Estronic vs. Notily
Elgino10 vs. PapaBisexual
leo05051998 vs. allstarapology


The deadline for this is Sunday the 28th at midnight GMT -5.
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