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Hello, and welcome to UU Battle of the Week! Every week, you, the community, will have the opportunity to create a matchup for everyone in the UU Forum to enjoy.

This thread is mainly for the newcomers to SM UU so they can see some of the best minds in UU at work. However, the veterans also have something to prove as they can show off to everyone just how good they really are! This can also let the experienced SM UU players show off their creativity with movesets, Pokemon, etc.

This thread will work in a 3-phase format. Nomination Stage, Voting Stage, and Battle Stage. This process will be repeated every week. Here, I will detail each step of the process:

Nomination Stage:
  • During this stage, each member of the community will nominate 3 fellow community members that they would like to see in the battle at the end of the week.
  • You cannot nominate yourself and it is recommended that the users you do nominate have been active within the past two weeks.
  • The main goal is to help newcomers to SM UU better understand the battle strategies that top players talk about in the forums in a real battle, so it's counterproductive to put two players with limited UU experience against one another. Ergo, you’re expected to nominate established players in the tier.
  • Any players who have battled on any week of the ongoing phase aren't able to be nominated for the remainder of that phase.
  • This stage will last for the first 3 days of that week with nominations being tallied at some point on the 3rd day of nominations.
  • The 5 people with the most nominations, including ties, will be placed on a ballot to start the next part of the process.
Voting Stage:
  • During this stage of the process, everyone will vote for one person they want to see in a battle the most.
  • This stage will last two days, taking place over the 4th and 5th days of that week, with voting ending at some point on the 5th day of the week.
  • At that point, the two players with the highest number of votes will be announced and the battle for that week will be set.
  • If, however, there is a tie for 2nd most votes, a "runoff" will happen for the 6th day to determine the 2nd competitor.
  • If there is no need for the "runoff", then the time for the battle will be announced on the 6th day of that week.
Battle Stage:

  • Both players have 4 days to complete their battle.
  • The date and the time will be announced as soon as possible.
  • Anyone who can make the day and time of the battle is more than welcome to join in and watch the battle live.
  • However, if you aren't able to make it, then all is not lost! Replays of the battle will be posted here in the thread so you can watch it when it's most convenient for you.
  • Note that the battles should be a best of 3 series as this minimizes the impact of hax, but also allows the two competitors to show up to 3 of their best teams.
  • Competitors are also encouraged to share some of their thoughts of the battles (turning points, crucial misplays, clutch predictions, etc.) that most effected the outcomes.
  • Once the Battle Stage is complete, the process will start again from the Nomination Stage.
As mentioned in the introduction, everyone gets something out of this. Newcomers get to see battle strategies that the experienced players talk about around the forums being used in real battle situations. Experienced players get to show off their creativity and see who the best may be. And, of course, we all get a good series of battles to watch every week!


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Ok so here are the top 5 voted people. There was a tie for 5th between misa, viv, euph, and sacri so they will be in the ballot which gives you 8 people to vote for (you can vote for any of these 8 people).

Accelgor 7
Sei 5
Itsjustdrew 4
Eht 4
Amane Misa 3
Vivalospride 3
Euphonos 3
Sacri 3

Vote for ONE person only and that person can't be yourself. Get your votes in by Friday (tomorrow) at 10 PM PST. Thanks!

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