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Credits go to EonX- for the op

Hello, and welcome to UU Battle of the Week! Every week, you, the community, will be able to create a matchup for everyone to enjoy. Any matchup is possible and it's all up to you! You want a particular matchup, you can make it all happen right here.

  • What is this for?
This mainly is for the newcomers to UU so they can see some of the best minds in UU at work. However, the veterans also have something to prove as they can show off to everyone just how good they really are! This can also let the experienced UU players show off their creativity with movesets, Pokemon, etc. Who knows, you may see a future top threat being used in one of the battles.

  • How does it work?
This thread will work in a 3-phase format; 1st phase voting, 2nd phase voting, and the battle. The process will repeat every week (more or less) Here, I will detail each step of the process:

1st phase voting: in this phase, each member of the community will be able to vote for up to 3 fellow community members that they would like to see in the battle at the end of the week. You can't vote for yourself, and the people you vote for must have been active on the forums some time in the past two weeks. This stage of the process will take place from Monday-Wednesday (or the first 3 days after the battle from the previous week if we get off schedule a little) with voting ending at around 7 or 8 PM EST on Wednesday (or the 3rd day) The 5 people with the most votes will then be put up on a ballot of sorts to start the next part of the process. Ties for 5th will be included.

2nd phase voting: in this part of the process, everyone will vote for the 1 person on the ballot they most want to see in a battle. This will take place on Thursday and Friday (or the two days after the ballot is posted) with voting ending at about 9 PM EST Friday (or the 2nd day after the ballot is posted) when the 2 with the most votes are announced. These will be the 2 participants in that week's battle. Should there be a tie for 2nd, all of those in the tie will be put in a "runoff" of sorts on Saturday (day after the votes are tallied for this phase) Otherwise, the time for the battle on Sunday will be announced on Saturday at some point by myself or one of the two participants.

Battle: of course, the most important part of it all; the battle. At some point on Sunday (a time agreed upon by the two participants) the battles will take place on PS. (Battles should be a bo3) Anyone able to make the battle time is more than welcome to watch the battle, but fear not! If you aren't able to make it, one of the participants will post a replay of the match in this thread so you can watch it for yourself! Also, both participants will be encouraged to share their thoughts about the battle and talk about things such as crucial turns in the battle, when the battle was won and lost, and anything else they feel might be important for us to know. After this, the cycle will repeat itself for next week! Do note that the 2 participants in the battle that week will be ineligable to be voted for in the voting for the next week's battle. This will hopefully keep the battles from getting too boring ^-^

  • What do I get out of it?
As mentioned in the introduction, everyone gets something out of this. Newcomers get to see battle strategies that the experienced players use in practice rather than just in the threads around here. Experienced players get to show off their creativity and see who the best may be. And, of course, we all get a good battle to watch (or be a part of) every week!

  • Rules and Miscellaneous Info
There are a couple of key things to keep in mind. First, and foremost, please don't spamvote. As the main goal of this thread is to help newcomers better understand what goes through the minds of experienced players in battle, it would be detrimental to pit 2 people who don't have much UU experience against each other. The other is important as well to ensure we aren't forced to skip battles. If your name ends up on the 10-person ballot when the 2nd phase voting begins and you know you won't be available for the battle that week, please post in this thread to say so. We understand if things come up, but it will run smoother if we know on the front end so all the voters know what's going on and if someone won't be available for the battle that week. And as a final note, please don't vote for yourself during any voting phase. It's community driven, so other members of the community should want to see you battle, not just yourself!

Week 1 - PsYch071c vs Lonelyness

Week 2 - Ernesto vs Kitten Milk

Week 3 - reachzero vs JabbaTheGriffin

Week 4 - Kokoloko vs Nelson

Week 5 - RT. vs PsYch071c

Week 6 - LonelyNess vs Kokoloko

Week 7 - Moose V vs Ace Emerald
Battle 1
Battle 2

Week 8 - Somalia vs Pokemazter
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This could come off as self-centered and petulant, but I'll go for it anyway. It seems from a very early stage that the people being voted for are primarily UU leaders/mentors. This is obvious, of course, as they are the most recognizable and known people, and they have a well-deserved reputation for being really good at battling. However, I feel like a lot of the nuances and actions that take place at this high-leveled of play won't be applicable to the new UU player trying to learn more about the tier - an audience you said you were targeting in the OP. I know you said that the people in the battle could comment on "when the battle was won and lost, and anything else they feel might be important for us to know", but from my very limited experience battling people with a skill level as high as the staff's, the conversation that takes place is pretty foreign to your average UU player.

I guess what I'm really hoping for would be an after-battle post resembling a sort of mix between War Story and RMT - where the two players involved would not only talk about their teams and move choices but the reasons they make each important play in the game. This might be too much to expect for a weekly thing, but I really think it could help this become a more effective system of teaching.

I'd like to stress that in no way am I detracting from the accomplishments of the people being voted for, nor am I suggesting that people should vote for anyone else - they've worked hard to get where they are and they deserve the respect - but at the same time, I'd like to see this idea really accomplish what it's intended to by being accessible to everyone.

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Kitten Milk

reach/koko/jabba etc are great but I've seen them all fight a ton in various places, voting for people I know are good but I haven't seen fighting as much


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Nominations are over for this week, these are the people on the ballot. Remember, you can only vote for one person in this stage.

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Ace Emerald

EDIT: Can I change? It doesn't look like AE is getting any other votes so I feel like I might as well change it to Ernesto.
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