Tournament UU Best Friends Tournament WON BY Team: blasted poppie (yjh971203 and yoppie)


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This is a UU tour where you can team up with one of your friends on Smogon to play a dedicated generation of UU (in this case USM, ORAS, and BW are the options to choose from), Every match between teams will be a bo3.

How the tournament works: Let’s say Team A (players 1 and 2) chooses USM UU, and Team B (players 3 and 4) chooses ORAS UU. One player from Team A will have to play one player from Team B in ORAS UU, and naturally one player from Team B will have to play one player from Team A in USM UU. As stated previously it is a bo3 format, so if there happens to be a tie, the final game will be in USM UU and the winner of that game’s team will move on to the next round.

Each round will last a week with extensions being given if necessary. PM me on discord (vivalospride#0795) or post in the thread if you need an extension. Here is a link to the rules and guidelines competitors must follow. All games must be played on Pokemon Showdown! (server does not matter). Replays are preferred but not necessary.

To sign up you and your partner must have Smogon accounts, and only one of you needs to have a sign up post. You must tag your friend in the post, give a team name, and select a gen of UU (USM, ORAS, or BW).
in with [user]
Team name: [team name]
Tier: [USUM, ORAS, or BW UU]

Ghosting will not be allowed, even with your own teammate.

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