Tournament UU Gods Among Us [Round 3 is in post #120]

Amane Misa

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This round's unbanned Pokemon is:

Thundurus-T is one of UU's earliest bans; a good offensive typing, a unique Speed tier, very high Special Attack, and access to various setup moves like Nasty Plot and Agility, as well as great coverage in Focus Blast, Grass Knot, and Hidden Power Ice, was undoubtedly too much for UU to handle.

However, recent metagame trends have been working against Thundurus-T; the rise of fast Choice Scarf users like Krookodile and Hydreigon means offensive teams will usually have Thundurus-T in check. Slower builds also have certain tools to help combat Thundurus-T, as it struggles to beat Blissey without a Z-move, and other walls like Amoonguss and Sylveon can take even a boosted hit from full and retaliate back. Last but not least, Thundurus-T faces competition from other Electric-types like Zeraora and Mega Manectric, as they both boast a much higher speed tier.

Nevertheless, Thundurus-T would undoubtedly be really good in the metagame. Would it be broken, though? We are here to find that out!​

Round 1

VernonN vs. martha
vs. Liemaster
Guwahavel vs. Xiri
vs. Kelly957
Amukamara vs. HashMoney
wmartinez101 vs. patoche
BunnyOfGold vs. Lost Soul
Scizorphobic vs. Dollainthewoods
Estronic vs. Smallsmallrose
Bluerose13x vs. GL Volkner
vs. bmacbnasty
Daiyaga vs. ChrystalFalchion
evening vs. Nuked
allstarapology vs. Elgino10
BackAtYouBro vs. RaJ.Shoot
vs. SanJl
maroon vs. Phin22
Decemm vs. MysticalHaze
A Cake Wearing A Hat vs. Jacobikko
vivalospride vs. ProfessorMasterChief
Holiano vs. Moutemoute
Freeroamer vs. Cam
SilvioGuacamole vs. Sickist
Indigo Plateau vs. InvejaMata
Wanonymous1616 vs. Lil Infant Tylenol
Sinkyr vs. Hydreigon Specs
lagrossemerd vs. Perish Song
S poi re vs PILZ
vs Nightingales
PapaBisexual vs Dlanyer
Paraflinch vs MS3D
Amane Misa vs DubFreaknakeeb

A reminder that all games should be played in [Gen 7] OU format, and the only UUBL aspect should be Thundurus-Therian.
The deadline is November 19th.
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