Tournament UU Invitational 2022 - Round 4

Hi all, and welcome to this year's edition of the UU Invitational! 32 of UU's best players over the generations will be participating in this tournament with a current prize pool of $335 (alongside an Amazon gift card from BigFatMantis)!!! The format for the tour will be double elimination with a best of 3 series. The generations played will be SS, SM, and ORAS, similar to UUPL's Bo3 slot. Other than that, the tour follows all of Smogon's other official tour rulesets, please make sure to post your replays in your win posts etc etc....

Round 4:

Winner's Bracket

Adaam  vs  robjr
TDK  vs  TSR
Highways  vs  Poek
Ayaka  vs  Luthier

Loser's Bracket

Askov  vs  Moutemoute
 vs  vivalospride
umbry  vs  Finchinator
Punny  vs  Lyss

The extension deadline for round 3 will be Wednesday, June 29th, 11:00 PM GMT-4
The deadline for round 4 will be Sunday, July 3rd, 11:00 PM GMT-4. Please make sure to schedule properly, and have fun everyone!
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Adaam  vs  robjr - SM winner wins it all
TDK  vs  TSR - tsr is too humble
Highways  vs  Poek - closest match up
Ayaka  vs  Luthier - Luthier will only win ss

Loser's Bracket

Askov  vs  Moutemoute -kekkity
LNumbers  vs  vivalospride - viv is jesus
umbry  vs  (winner of KM vs Finchinator) - umbry is she jesus
Punny  vs  Lyss - lyss will win SS and ORAS


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lost vs moute, ggs

thanks bouff for inviting and hosting this tour

not the best place to do a cheesy post like that but with this being my last tour for the time being id like to thank the uu community for making me enjoy more and more this tier those last ~2 years, in special my good uu friends that helped me throughout all of this or made me have fun hs (:sob:) Highways mncmt Jade umbry Lyss avarice KM hariyana grande Sage Indigo Plateau pdt Bouff robjr xujing691691 and the non-uu mainers gum Expulso Luthier Meru omicorio cy Punny

im surely forgetting some people but yall know who you are
too lazy to type the exact format but highways and poek are getting an extension until wednesday 11:59 pm -4

r5 coming soon

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