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UU ladder challenge document team Bebo, SilvioGuacamole, Nightintales

Everybody hates the ladder. But in this darkness there shines a light. This is that light: a brawl on the ladder to make even the most seasoned veterans anxious. Instead of a leisurely checklist, it's a competition to gather as many points as possible, for prize and glory.
Here are the rules:
  • All battles must take place on the Gen 7 UU ladder on Pokemon Showdown.
  • All challenge posts must be accompanied by a replay or a screenshot.
  • State every challenge you are applying for when you post a replay.
  • You can only get 2 challenges in 1 battle.
  • You do not have to win the battle for EVERY challenge some are required.
  • Forfeits / Time-outs will only be counted if the opponent has 3 pokemon remaining (The win MUST be obvious)
  • Your opponent must have at least 5 Pokemon on their team.
  • Be specific. If you don't tell me what achievements you've passed, I won't add them.
Each separate achievement falls into one of five tiers:
  • The Beginner Tier, worth one point per achievement. Players of any calibre should be able to accomplish these without even realizing.
  • The Silver Tier, worth two points. Slightly more difficult, but all the more worth it.
  • The Gold Tier, worth three points. These are the first ones to put challengers through their paces. These challenges also require 1300+ ELO, unless otherwise specified.
  • Platinum Tier, worth five points. Hard work will pay off, but only the best can complete these challenges. These challenges also require 1400+ ELO, unless otherwise specified.
  • The Ultimate Tier, the hardest of them all and worth ten points each. Nobody in their right mind would want to fall prey to these voluntarily.
Each challenge you undertake will add up to your running score. This will be kept track of in the leaderboard below.

If you're able to reach more than 200 Points, the prize is a full-size Gif Avatar of your choosing. If you hit 250 Points, you will receive a custom title for your efforts.

(Badged users, sorry. I guess you'll be able to brag?)

Whats his last?
Bring only 5 Pokemon to a game. (win)

Win with a Pokemon on your team that is RU or lower. Please specify which Pokemon it is.

Getting somewhere
Win 20 battles.

Up and Coming
Get to 1400 ELO. (Must have proof of you owning the account can be an alt thats already 1400)

Use the Kanto form of a Pokemon with an Alolan form, such as Ninetails or Raichu. (win)

Win 6-0. No forfeits.

Win a game without using any stab moves.

Assault and Battery
Win with a team using only Assault Vest as their items. Screenshot required.

Choice Banned
Win with a team only holding Choice items. Screenshot required.

The Struggle
Cause a Pokemon to use Struggle.

Consolation Prize
Lose a battle to an opponent 0-6...without deliberately trying. Forfeits don't count.

Win 3 battles in a row on an alt, no losses.

Crisis Averted
Take out an opposing Pokemon after it has both set up and KOed at least 2 Pokemon. (win)

Win a battle using a Monotype team of any kind.

It's Reverse Sweeping!
Win a battle while using a Pokemon that uses stat-drop moves (Screech, Metal Sound, etc.) to KO at least 2 Pokemon.

Bad Luck Charm
Have your opponent miss three moves in a row. (win)

Win with a team that would be legal in an earlier incarnation of UU.

Hazard Pay
Set Stealth Rock, 3 layers of Spikes, 2 layers of Toxic Spikes, and Sticky Web, all within the same game.

Use Z-Tailwind to sweep the opponent's team. (win)

Generation Domination
use a team with mons from the same gen only. (win)

Take your kid to work day
use a fully evolved mon and their baby on the same team (3 adults, 3 babies) (win)

"Is this the right play? Nah let me get up my rocks"
Get atleast 1 kill via hazards only. (win)

Big Guns
Get 1 kill with Tynamo.

Get 2 kills with Z-Eevee.

Backup Teacher
Win a game with all six of your mons using subsitute

Captain Planet
In one match, use Nature Power to call Thunderbolt, Moonblast, Energy Ball and Psychic.

Back in my day
win with only gen 1/2 pokemon (no megas)

Hey it’s Dan aka Adrive
win with only bug types + mothim

fear factor
win with all of your mons having intimidate.

Just my type
Each Pokèmon in your team must share a type with the Pokèmon before and after it. (win)

You must 6-0 your opponent with a curse pokemon.

Sticky Situation
Win with a team that only has sticky web users.

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil
Win a game with the 3 elemental monkeys on your team.

4 Swords Adventure
Win a game with 4 pokemon, they must all know Sacred Sword (Virizion, Doublade, Terrakion, Keldeo.

Power Swap
Use the opposite stats for offensive mons. (the worse stat must be half of the better one) spatk atk (win)

Super Underrated
Win with a team of only RU or lower Pokemon.

Let the Storm Rage On
Activate all four weather conditions in a battle (Sun, Rain, Hail, and Sandstorm).

Leaving Low Ladder
Reach 1500 ELO. (Proof can be an alt)

Hot Turkey
Win 9 battles in a row without losing on an alt. Screenshot must show 0 losses. You are allowed to reset your wins and losses.

Malcolm in the Middle
Win a game with only middle-evolution Pokemon.

Zo Many Options!
Win with all 6 of your Pokemon holding a Z-Crystal. Screenshot required.

50 Cent
Win 50 battles on an alt. (Must show proof can be any account you own)

Greed Is Good
Set up to +6 in any stat and sweep. Tail Glow and/or Belly Drum may not be used for this achievement.

One-Man Army
Win with a team consisting of 1 Pokemon.

Close Call
Win with 1 Pokemon remaining at 1 HP. A screenshot of the HP stat is required.

Weighty Responsibility
Win a battle while using the move Gravity and successfully taking out a Pokemon by taking advantage of Gravity's side-effects.

Attack! Attack! Attack!
Win a battle using only attacks - no status moves.

No Kill Like Overkill
Have a Pokemon reach over 1000 Attack. Screenshot required. Belly Drum does not count for this achievement.

Have a Pokemon reach over 1000 Special Attack. Screenshot required. Tail Glow does not count for this achievement.

Win a game with only the 'Flying' Egg group.

Win with no held items. Screenshot required.

Olympus Mons
Win with only legendary/mythical Pokemon. (No UltraBeasts)

Win with no legendary/mythical Pokemon. (ultrabeasts do NOT count as mythical)

Armed And Ready
Win a battle using only Physical moves.

A Special Someone
Win a battle using only Special moves.

Nightingales Likes Delphox
Use Delphox to eliminate 3+ Pokemon from your opponent's team.

Legen... wait for it
Use Arcanine and 5 legandaries and win.

Back of the bus
win with PU mons only.

Immortal Strength
get 2 boosts with ancient power and sweep.(win)

Prepare for War
Earn a ranking in the top 500 of the ladder. (Proof of being top 500 can be a alt)

Trap Queen
KO 3 pokemon with pursuit from the same mon.

Lovely day we're having
Win a game where there is always a weather condition in effect

Only one move on each Pokemon. (screenshot and win)

Win a game while only using either the top or bottom row of your Pokemon

No mons on your team that can learn the move rest, even if they aren't using the move in their set. (win)

Get going
win a game with Regigigas getting its act together.

In Spite of Fear
Use Explosion or Self-Destruct to win the match.

No Room for Error
Set Magic Room, Trick Room, and Wonder Room in the same battle. (win)

Blazing Turkey
Win 20 battles in a row on an alt. Screenshot must show 0 losses. You are allowed to reset your wins and losses.

Earn Your Stripes
Earn a ranking in the top 100 of the ladder. (Proof can be an account you own)

A Splashing Success
Get 6 KOs after using Z-Splash. No forfeits.

Win 200 battles. (Proof can be an account you already own)

Quick Finisher
Win in 15 turns or less against a full team. No forfeits.

Raining Cats and Dogs
Win with a team consisting of 6 Eeveelutions and/or Eevee itself.

Stats Don't Mean Nothing
Win with a team of Pokemon below 450 BST.

The Fource is Strong With This One
Win with a team of Pokemon with 4x weaknesses.

In Practice
Win with a team of Pokemon having only 3 moves. Screenshot required.

Stack 'em Up
End a battle with Stealth Rock, 3 layers of Spikes, 2 layers of Toxic Spikes, and Sticky Web up on the opponent's field.

I am the E.G.G.M.A.N.
Get 2 KOs with Blissey. These KOs must be from direct damage, not status or hazard damage. (win)

Normally, I Would Be Dead By Now
KO Blissey with a recoil move without fainting to the recoil. You must take recoil from the move itself (Rock Head does not count, and Life Orb alone doesn't qualify). (win)

Gotta Go Fast!
Have a Pokemon reach over 768 Speed. Screenshot required. (win)

Turn And Run
Win a battle by only using Volt Switch, U-Turn, and/or Parting Shot. (rocks are allowed as long as they get NO KILLS)

Hoist By His Own Petard
Get 3 KOs with Foul Play. (win)

Force a Pokemon to use Struggle by using Disable. (win)

Not the Real Me
Use a team of only alternate forms of Pokemon. For example: Megas, Gastrodon-East, Cherrim-Sunshine, Thundurus-Therian, Rotom-Frost, Alolan Ninetales. If a Pokemon doesn't begin the battle in their alternate form, they must enter it at some point in the match. (win)

Dream On
Put every one of your opponent's Pokemon to sleep in a single game.

One Final Effort
Come back from a defeat with One HP left on your last Pokemon. (win)

Burn three Pokemon without using Will-O-Wisp.

Pyrrhic Victory
Win with both side's last Pokemon Fainting.

Dead Man's Hand
Eliminate three opposing Pokemon through use of Perish Song. (win)

Genwunners smh
Win a game using Mt.Silver Red's 6 pokemon team.

Maybe they are good
use any team that the current uu open champ used during their run and win 3 games in a row.

bring six mons with mega stones (picture needed)

get 3 kills with m-ampharos. (win)

sweep because you got an Adreline Orb boost. (win)

Its just a phase, mom!
Phase out a pokemon 10 times in one battle (win)

...and for my next act
Steal two items with pokemon with the ability "Pickpocket" or "Magician" (win)

Track Team
all 6 mons have to have and use the move agility at least once. (win)

For The Little Guys
Use a team of LC and win.

Win a battle by only dealing residual damage and entry hazards damage.

Win in 10 turns or less against a full team. No forfeits.

Great Wall of China
Win a battle lasting at least 100 turns in a 6-0.

Road to the Top
Earn a ranking in the top 10 of the ladder.

Use only Pokemon that weigh at least 200kg. For Mega Pokemon, count their pre-Mega weight. (win)

Use only Pokemon that weigh less than 25KG. For Mega Pokemon, count their pre-Mega weight. (win)

Get Ninja'd
KO a Pokemon with Final Gambit from Shedinja.

No Attacks?
KO an opposing Pokemon with a Z-move attack from Pyukumuku.

Spin to Win
Win a game by KOing an opposing Pokemon with Rapid Spin.

Magic to Me
Use Magic Room to set up with a Choice-locked Pokemon, then sweep. (win)

The Killintime Special
Win a game using Acupressure Drapion as your only Pokemon. ELO-Exempt.

Six Rounds Rapid
Win a battle using only Priority and Status moves.

ScarfBat Surprise
Knock out three or more Pokemon with a Choice Scarf Crobat. (win)

Wound Of Salt
You must Flinch your opponents team 3 times each pokemon on their team. (win)

Speed Kills
Use Trick Room to shut down a speed-boosted Pokemon and KO them. (win)

Misa's Revenge
Play a game that would score 5+ achievements in a single round.

The Plague
Inflict all 5 status conditions (including freeze).

No Breaks Needed
Win a battle lasting at least 250 turns. For this achievement, opponent forfeits count as wins for any number of Pokemon remaining. (Clearly not a free win if they had the tenacity to stick around for 250 turns too!)

Steady Beat
Win using only the move Metronome.

Earn a GXE of at least 90. (Proof can be an account you already own)

2.B.A. Master
Reach #1 on the ladder. (Proof can be an account you already own)

Let It Go
Freeze all six of your opponent's Pokemon.

Obtain an ELO of exactly 1337 on an alt. Screenshot required.

Mt. Silver
Win 35 battles in a row on an alt. Screenshot must show 0 losses. You are allowed to reset your wins and losses.
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1ST RUNNER UP : hjkhj
2ND RUNNER UP : Estarossa

Further standings will be updated every couple days.


Much similair to defeating the Elite Four, this section is reserved for those who rank the highest in the previous cycle. Each Cycle lasts approximately 2 months, at which point the points will be reset and users will have to fight for the top again.



Hey, you! Do you have any good ideas for a challenge to make everybody's lives harder through this? Well, fill out this convenient little form and send it to me in a private message, and I'll look over it and see if it's a good fit and where it'll be slotted.

Challenge Name:
Challenge Description:
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4 Swords Adventure: *Edited In*

Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil: *Edited in*

Sticky situation: *Edited in*

Let’s Go:

Hey its dan aka adrive:
Backup Teacher:

Big Guns:

Captain Planet:

Fear Factor:

Take your kid to work day:

Generation Domination:


Is this the right play, Nah let me get up my rocks:

What's his last:

Ambipom, Barbaracle, M-Bannete



Assault and Battery:
You can actually see my AV frisked/knocked off and have import of the team here but posted screen shot proof on discord. Team

Up and coming:
1641 on the ladder

Getting somewhere:
Click x nao


Consolation Prize:
I was told loading up lower tiers was fine. why was this dude mono crunch lax though, tried to get a trick off with haunter and got blown away. all my plays made sense I swear

Used a team that TonyFlygon and I built back for BW UU in UUPL

Crisis Averted:
That replay also works for this, altaria set up and k0'd both krookodile and togekiss before Snorlax was able to stop it and I was able to win.

Choice Banned:

Mono Normal

The Struggle:

It's Reverse Sweeping:

Bad Luck Charm:
Shout out bright powder sand veil alolan duggy + stall

Hazard Pay:



Prepare for War: *Edited In*

Lovely day we're having: *Edited in*

Back in my day:

Legen...wait for it:

Back of the bus:




Leaving Low Ladder:
Alt Click X Nao

50 Cent:
Alt Click x Nao

One man army:


Attack Attack Attack:

Armed and Ready:

In Spite of of Fear:

A Special Someone:

Storm Rage on:

Olympus Mons:



Z-o many options:

Greed is good:

Weighty Responsibility:

A Close Call:

No kill like overkill:

Hot Turkey:

Nightingales like delphox:


Blazing Turkey: *Edited in*


Hoist by his own Petard:

Turn and Run:

Earn your stripes:

In Practice:

Not the real me:

I am the E.G.G.M.A.N.:

No Room for Error:

Raining cats and dogs

Gotta Go Fast:


The Force is strong with this one:

For the little guys:

stats don't mean nothing:

Quick Finisher:

Six Round Rapid:

The Killintim Special:



Misa's Revenge:
so many achieved in this.

Let it go:
After 7 hours of begging opponents not to forfeit and almost accomplishing it here with Jose (THE TRAITOR)
someone finally was nice enough

Nice Leet

Steady beat:
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see you again
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What's his last:

Ambipom, Barbaracle, M-Bannete



Assault and Battery:
You can actually see my AV frisked/knocked off and have import of the team here but posted screen shot proof on discord. Team
bro you're getting bought in spl you dont gotta do this!!
Whats His Last?

Underrated + Tourist (Barbaracle for Underrated and Raichu for Tourist)

Assault and Battery I used the same team as aim did above. Team

Choice Banned
Basically used the same team but changed it from AV to choiced items. Proof

Super Underrated
Everything here is RU or lower. (Barbaracle = NUBL, Raichu = PU, Necrozma = RU, Klingklang = NU, Bronzong = RU, Lycanroc = PU)

Let The Storm Rage On all the weathers are presented in this battle.

Malcolm in the Middle Lmao this one I will admit I got lucky but, all mons presented in this battle are middle evolution.

This is a team built way back in 2011 by Fatty and I nabbed a win with it. <--- the team

The Struggle I got Comfey to struggle with Salazzle on Turn 28.

Yep, thats it for now.
Monochromatic Mono Dragon OP

Getting Somewhere:
KACAW: Toucannon is the GOAT

Hit 1300s for Gold tier
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not done much but thought i'd input the couple while I was here, since this looks great fun ;d hopefully fill out a lot more. (wishing i didn't reset w/l on account recently for the fun of it now).

Beginner List:

Getting Somewhere: (see proof of account in "up and coming" challenge)

Up and Coming: #77 (at time of writing) at 1628 : (Proof of Ludociel Account too)

Preservation: (do suspect test games count?) (proof of UUBS Estarossa account too)

Prepare for War: #77 (at time of writing) at 1628 :
Turkey: (as above do suspect test accounts count?)

Silver List:

Leaving Low Ladder: #77 (at time of writing) at 1628 :
Hot Turkey:

Gold List:

Earn Your Stripes: #77 (at time of writing) at 1628 :


(Beginner List) : Underrated + Monochromatic : (Golisopod/Cloyster) + (Water)

(Silver List): One Man Army :
(Ultimate List): Blitzkrieg : never mind that one got elo restricted

Proof of account:

(Beginner List): What's His Last? :
(Silver List): A special someone:

(Beginner List): Assault and Battery + Tourism: (AV PROOF: )

(Beginner List): Hazard Pay: !!!!dno if will allow this one, but might as well ask!!!


(Beginner List): Hawksaw + The Struggle:

(Ultimate List): Misa's Revenge: Monotype Flying + 5 pokemon + Special Moves only + An RU pokemon (Swellow) + Z-Tailwind (dno if you will count since tailwind sweep was only 2 kills?)

(Beginner List): Backstabbed + Choice Banned: (proof of choice: )

(Silver List): Super Underrated + Let the Storm Rage On:

(Silver List): Malcolm In the Middle: <--- They did forfeit but absolutely no way they could win at that point. another forfeit win that is even more obvious win:

(Silver List): Zo Many Options! All mega proof:
(Silver List): No Kill Like Overkill + Enlightenment:
(Beginner List): Up and Coming: (mentioned originally but not put on spreadsheet with the others?)

(Silver List): Attack Attack Attack! + Armed And Ready:

(Silver List): In Spite of Fear:

(Silver List): Nightingtales Likes Delphox: DONE IN STYLE 6-0 DELPHOX SWEEP WOO ;p (may have not realised until after i did this that it didnt have to be a delphox 3 kill sweep but just 3 kills in match woops, that woulda been way easier)

(Silver List): Olympus Mons + Unarmed (no item proof: )

(Silver List): Close Call

(Silver List): 50 Cent (proven before that its my acc)

(Silver List): Heathen + KACAW:

(Beginner List): Underrated (Golispod)

(Platinum List): The Killintime Special
(Beginner List): Bad Luck Charm (Turn 12-14)

(Gold List): Dedicated , [Does my alt count since my main has the elo? wish i didnt delete the w/l on main now] Proof:
(Gold List): Raining Cats and Dogs: , was a forfeit but they had 0 way of winning really at that point


(Silver List): Enlightenment :
(Gold List): Quick Finisher

(Gold List): The Fource is Strong with this one:

(Gold List): Not The Real Me:

(Gold List): In Practice: proof :
(Gold List): No Room for Error:

(Gold List): Gotta Go Fast: (the yanmega proof :
(Gold List): Showstopper (forfeit but based 100% win anyway at that point)

(Gold List): Dead Man's Hand (did forfeit but they were already in their 3rd perish trapped so it couldn't have failed)

(Silver List): Greed is good + Armed and Ready (Scizor gets the +6 at turn 37 if too lazy to wait for it)
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beginner : preservation and monochromatic

tourist and backstabbing

whats his last and choice banned

bad luck charm

ausault and battery same team as pokeaim

silver: heathen and super underrated

a special someone and attack attack attack

olympius mons

malcolm in the middle

let the storm rage on

No Kill Like Overkill and Enlightenment(tourist)

i cant take a screen of everything
leavinglowladd and getting somwhere,prepare for war too
nightingales likes delphox

in spite of fear

close call

zo many options

legen wait for it

platinium :

the killintime special

ultimate :

misa s revenge in the killintime replay (monochromatic, underrated (Drapion is RU), Greed is good, One man army, Heathen )
the plague and struggle


steady beat

edit 1:my bad , i edited w a valid replays
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Whats his Last?:


Up and Coming:


Assult and Battery: I used the same team aim used above Team

Prepare for war: Account is hjkhj, Number 1 on Ladder(Top 500)

Consolation Prize:



Super Underrated:

Let the Storm Rage on:

Leaving Low Ladder:

50 Cent:
50 cent.png

Earn your stripes: Account is hjkhj, Number 1 on Ladder(Top 100)

Road to the Top: Account is hjkhj, Number 1 on Ladder(Top 10)

Killintime Special:

Misa's Revenge:
[Underrated], [Bad Luck Charm], [Nostalgia], [Greed is Good], [One Man Army]

The Plague:

A-: Account is hjkhj, 92.8% GXE

2.B.A. Master: Account is hjkhj, Number 1 on Ladder
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Underrated (Ninetales): (I forgot the name of the challenge so the nickname was wrong :/)
Getting Somewhere:
Screenshot (17).png
Tourist (Ninetales):
Choice Banned:
Screenshot (15).png Screenshot (14).png
Screenshot (19).png Screenshot (22).png
Nostalgia: (I just grabbed some random team from some other pokemon site, apparantly it's from BW2 UU)
Crisis Averted: (Scizor sets up on turn 7, gets kills on turns 9 and 10, and is stopped on turn 11)
Up and Coming: Screenshot (27)_LI.jpg
The Struggle:
Assault and Battery:
Screenshot (32).png Screenshot (31).png
Hazard Pay:
Bad Luck Charm:
Consolation Prize: (I can honestly say that i was not trying to get 6-0d)


Let The Storm Rage On:
50 cent: Proof is above, under "Getting Somewhere"
One Man Army:
In Spite of Fear:
A Special Someone:
Super Underrated:
Armed and Ready:
No Kill Like Overkill: (screenshot is between this and Enlightenment)
Screenshot (35).png
Enligtenment: (Screenshot is between this and No Kill Like Overkill)
Greed Is Good: (He went literally everything before darm, so I don't think it was scarfed)




The Killintime Special:


Misa's Revenge:
(What's His Last, Underrated [Ninetales], Tourist [Ninetales], Choice Banned, Monochromatic)
Screenshot (12).png Screenshot (13).png
The Plague:
1337: Screenshot (24)_LI.jpg (didn't notice earlier)
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Beginner Tier
Back in my day
Generation Domination
What's His Last?
Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 10.20.41 PM.png

Getting Somewhere
Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 9.59.00 PM.png

Choice Banned
Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 9.41.58 PM.png

Hazard Play
Silver Tier
Let the Storm Rage On
Zo Many Options
Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 9.38.28 PM.png

50 Cent
Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 9.59.00 PM.png

Ultimate Tier
Steady Beat
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What's His Last?

Marowak, Uxie

Getting Somewhere

Up and Coming


Assualt and Battery

Choice Banned

The Struggle

Cosultaion Prize




Bad Luck Charm

It's Reverse Sweeping!


Hazard Pay


Generation Domination

Take Your Kid to Work Day

"Is this the right play? Nah let me get up my rocks"

Big Guns

Lets GO!

Backup Teacher

Captian Planet internet dropped but it was done

Back in my day

Hey its Dan AKA Adrive

Fear Factor

Just My Type

Sticky Situation

Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil

4 Swords Adventure

Power Swap


One Man Army:

Close Call

Attack! Attack! Attack!

No Kill Like Overkill

Armed and Ready

A Special Someone

Trap Queen




The Killintime Special thats gotta count


Misa's Revenge

The Plague

Steady Beat
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What's His Last?

Underrated - Gigalith

Tourist - Golem

Assault and Battery - Using same team as aim. Team

Choice Banned - Proof

The Killintime Special

Misa's Revenge - Underrated, Super Underrated, Monochromatic, Greed is Good, One-Man Army, Heathen, Attack!Attack!Attack!, Armed and Ready...
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Beginner Tier:
What's His Last
Tourist (also used for Heavyweight)
Getting Somewhere + Up and Coming Proof.png
Prepare for War Proof2.png
Underrated : Rotom-mow
Turkey proof3.png
Silver Tier:
Leaving Low Ladder + 50 Cent Proof2.png
Platinum Tier:
Pacifist bebo7788 does this count ?
Heavyweight (also used for "Tourist" challenge)
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What's His Last:


Consolation prize:



Assault and battery: same team as aim here

Choice banned: team



Super underrated: (VERY old replay as I did this by mistake ages ago. DERP :P)

Malcolm in the middle:

Greed is Good: (am I allowed this? it was going to sweep as no crit chance) 20181015_161615.jpg

One-man army:


Enlightenment: (again with Greed is good, if I'm allowed)


Armed and ready:

A special someone:


The Killintime special:


Misa's Revenge: (I think)

Steady Beat: (FINALLY a clean win)
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Edits are all from oct 16th onwards

whats his last -
underrated -
tourist -
preservation -
consolation prize : [ -
monochromatic -
nostalgia -
assault and battery (forgot to take off a bunch of my non attacking moves here but got the w)- + choice banned - + prepare for war - getting somewhere - up and coming - *edited in
hazard pay -
hawksaw -

super underrated -
let the storm rage on -
leaving low ladder - . *edited in
malcolm in the middle -
zo many options - + attack! attack! attack! -
one man army -
close call - + greed is good -
armed and ready -
a special someone -
no kill like overkill - + enlightenment - + olympus mons -
heathen -
nightengales like delphox -
kacaw -
in spite of fear -
unarmed - + 50 cent -
quick finisher - *edited in
one final effort - *edited in

the killintime special -
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