pdt you can have the win. tagging Lily in this as well. I refuse to play any more of this shit tier. This whole month of uu is just unbearable, and simply not worth the time. I've tired myself out too much for what is nothing but a waste of time. Idk why I decided to come back and main a tier that is at the mercy of the shit tier above which is being played by actual idiots. I want to continue with this tier. I know it has potential. I know it can be good. But I know that even with the right suspects, this tier won't get to that point. Because this community is plagued with idiots. Idiots who don't bother to build their own teams, yet somehow think that they have a grasp on this metagame, when they never even took a look into it. They do not form their own opinion, as they do not have a grasp on the subject, and instead go with what they hear in their tiny little echo chamber. There is no point in me continuing to further waste my time, and deteriorate my mental health, when there is no future for this tier. I will go back to investing the effort that I have wasted, into parts of my life that actually matter, and I hope that many will do the same in the future. I look back at my life, before I came back to this community, and I see how much I've deteriorated myself for something so meaningless. No further will I allow myself to destroy my own health with this game. I quit.


not all those who wander are lost
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