UU Player of the Week #18: Calloflochie

Hello, and welcome to UU's player of the week where I interview
some of Smogon's most accomplished and well knowns players in the tier to give
some insight on who they are and their views on certain aspects of the metagame.
If there's someone you want to see interviewed next week, shoot me a PM!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I'm a 19 year old boy from Australia. I am currently studying Animal Behaviour at university in my second year hoping to transfer into Veterinary Sciences possibly this year or next year. I play quite a number of including sports, football (Australian Rules), cricket, basketball and athletics. I sell alcohol as a job as well as having to deal with a girlfriend in my spare time :]

Most Known For:
Probably running UU, being the poster boy for aids user to aids user with power. Pretty solid tournament record (#1 seed in Grand Slam 3? As well as winning basically every LC tournament in 2014). Innovating a couple of strats in XY UU including the Goth trap strategy that ruined pink cores which eventually got banned :[ Also, successfully quitting Smogon at the start of this year for more than a week, a record that has never been successfully surpassed in it's over 10 year history.

Favorite Pokemon:
I think my favourite Pokemon is Sceptile, I used to love how calm and collected he was in the anime and how powerful it was as a Pokemon. Aesthetically I also like a few other Pokemon including Steelix, Dialga and Zygarde.

Most used UU Pokemon:
When I played extensively during XY it was probably Jirachi, it had so many different movesets and could be customized so much that it was almost impossible to counter. In ORAS, I tried not to get nailed down using any one particular Pokemon but at the time it was probably Beedrill as it was such a powerful Pokemon and I loved using SD + Protect + Dual STABs as it gave Beedrill both power and the ease to mega evolve in a single moveset.

Where did you get your name from?
I made my name with my brother when we were trying to create a PS3 online account, we went through probably 15 names before we decided on Calloflochie as Call of Duty was the primary game we played, while Lachlan (or "Lochie") was the name of my brother, hence Call of Lochie.

How and when did you get into competitive battling?
I originally found out about competitive battling from watching a couple of Haydunn videos, which lead me to Shofu, which lead me to aim and chimpact where I eventually found out about online simulators that I could play Pokemon on without a DS. The earliest memory I had playing Pokemon was during DPP on the PO ladder under the alias Dragonslayer1996. I stopped for a while after that and picked it back up in around September 2012, where I started playing Ubers alongside Sweep and Hack towards the middle/end phase of BW after Hack had created his famous BW sun team and Sweep had began his fetish with Omastar.

Opinions on ORAS compared to XY?
I think I personally like XY more. Given my limited playtime in ORAS it's hard for me to judge but I really found that XY had a lot of creative potential and gave a lot more freedom to temabuilders than in ORAS, where most builds that I have seen have pretty linear designs. XY was also where I broke out as a player and teambuilder and really built a name for myself on Smogon as a competitive UU player so yeah XY UU is my fav :]

What is your favorite playstyle and why?
My favourite playstyle is definitely Offense. Any who knows me at all knows that I have been building Hyper Offense and Offense builds since BW UU. I like Offense because I find that having control of a Pokemon battle is the best way for me to win and it allows me to play risky without feeling like I'm going to lose a battle because I lost my check to Y or Z like you would get in stall.

Favorite moment of SPL?
I can't remember what week it was but when we came back from 2-5 down or 2-6 I can't remember to tie the series on the final day with a record of like 4-0 for the Sunday. The amount of hype in the Wolfpack chat was absolutely insane and it felt so good to do after the relatively rough start to the week we had.

Thoughts on the Pidgeot suspect?
I think that it is warranted. Pidgeot is an incredibly strong Pokemon and has the perfect stat distribution, typing and moveset to make it such a fast, devastating Special attacker in UU that realistically, not many Pokemon can effectively deal with. I'm fairly unsure if it deserves to be banned but I can see arguments for and against it's banning so it doesn't particularly bother me :] As long as we don't ban Beedrill.

With Grand Slam coming up, who is your favorite to win the UU open?
Definitely Omfuga, he is without a doubt the greatest UU player and teambuilder to have ever graced the presence of the tier. His ability to use the exact same team week in, week out and never get counterteamed continues to amaze me to this day, kudos to him.

What is some advice you can give to new players who want to get noticed?
Find what you like doing and do that. If you enjoy contributing do that, if you enjoy tournaments, do that. Find a niche and make it your own and eventually you will get noticed. Personally, if you want to be noticed faster, success in tournaments is the best way to do so as the majority of more "elite" players are the ones participating in tournaments regularly, so beating them will help you quickly build a name for yourself.

How do you go about preparing for tournament matches?
Usually try to get a grasp of how they play, Pokemon they use, how risky and safe they play and build a team from there. Most of the time, I try to come up with a Pokemon or moveset that will surprise the opponent or particularly threatens their style of play. For example, using CB Sawk + HW Mesprit vs a known defensive player in Hot N Cold during SPL in order to break through the defensive walls that he liked to use, it worked out well given that Sawk got 4 kills I believe in that match :]

Who are some of your favorite people in the Smogon community?
Most of my favourite are guys I talk to on Skype. FAJI , New Breed , blunder , Omfuga , soulgazer , Cased ,KratosMana , FLCL , Stathakis , TDK and Tesung are the main guys I talk to even being pretty well dead on Smogon atm. I also like Tom Bus cause he's the best Australian on this site. Special shoutout to -Tsunami- for not only the worst name on Smogon, but also being the worst user too. Also, McMeghan who really helped me develop as a tournament player and Oglemi who helped me develop as a user on Smogon and gave me some badges which was cool :]

Finally can you provide for us a team that you think reflects you as a player with a brief explanation of how it works?
I'm all washed_up so I don't have any ORAS teams atm but if you need good UU teams, I would go to user: Omfuga if you are looking for amazing UU teams that will easily grab you wins vs other good players :]


If you have any questions for lochie leave them down below!
Any plans on returning to the uu subforum?

Do you know why we keep playing Watson?
Hopefully I can return once I've finished uni, but idk I might not be interested in the game in 6 months but we'll see :]

And he's finally been dropped so hopefully he isn't ever allowed back in the team :toast::toast::toast:

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