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  • Do not post your thread until you have approval from a moderator. You will know if you have approval if a moderator edits your post.
  • Post which Pokemon you would like to reserve a discussion thread for.
  • Each person will be allowed three discussion threads at any given time, generally first-come first-serve pending approval. If you want to reserve a Pokemon not on the reservation list, such as a previous-gen Pokemon that has been updated enough to warrant OU discussion, you may request it here. If you finish your reservations, you may reserve more.
To find a good example of a reservation thread, see this post here. Since Terastylizing is replacing Dynamax as a mechanic, be sure to instead discuss Terastylizing potential!

Thread List:

Grafaiai - reserved by Lily
Pawmot - reserved by Lily
Noivern - reserved by Lily

You may reserve any Pokemon you want regardless of viability, but it will be subject to moderator approval. We will reassign your Pokemon if you don't put it up in a timely manner, so please don't bite off more than you can chew.

Other than that, have fun! :D


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Oricorio-Pom-Pom (can also do Sensu and Baile since they also function but pom pom is easily the best one of the 4)

go for pompom, sensu's taken and baile sucks-lily

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