Tournament UU Premier League X - Finals [Won by The Moomoo Farm Mysterious Sisters]

Stars did incredible run this season for turning it around. We are a team with high energy. I love you all and I am proud of you all, you are truly amazing. Had fun building, practicing and clutching some games. Hope we could team up again.

Shoutout for Stars and cheerleaders hard support especially Hydronics building support which help me turn my season around. Thank you my managers esche and TSR for starting me playing GSC and having faith in me all the season. Thank you Sharay sisiyoguang help me practice when I don't match the time with team.

Also special thanks to Accel and Indigo Plateau who bring me to the UU Community. Had a great time here past few months.
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holy fuck we did it

After watching the Cursed Body into Heat Wave burn sequence in my own game I truly thought maybe I was just cursed to lose this tour in finals, but we pulled it out in a terrible but extremely entertaining series. first off, to the Stars although both of us surely have our own regrets of how we played games in this series, getting to finals with your start to the season was extremely impressive and you should be proud for not mailing it in and fighting to make your way through. it's nice that UUPL still manages to be taken somewhat seriously in the community, and this was a really fun edition of the tour for most involved I think.

KM starting with our sabotaging manager, it's truly a miracle we managed to avoid the prophecy that it was your fault we lost UUPL. for real though, you prepped a ton of great teams and even when stuff got left on the cutting board a lot of our success from stuff like SD KS Aegi was all you, and that for sure had a real impact on winning. on a more personal side, I literally never would have guessed in a million years that you would ever be active again, so seeing somebody who i was talking to in 2013 just back all of the sudden was fantastic, and now we are Whats App buddies doomed(?) to never part again >:)

Highways somehow, some way, in this universe you were our carry slot LMFAO. I apparently missed your glow up as a player while I was gone, your games were pretty much pristine (Fairy Lock aside) and you helped a lot in prep too, was a pleasure to get to know you better and play some CG together, hopefully it won't be the last time if you sign up for SCL!

dingbat my god, if anything u knew how to make our season exciting. to go positive in a tier you have almost zero experience in while also stepping into oras in a late season juggle, a very different metagame, was impressive, even if the endgames along the way might have killed multiple Sisters. your memes and banter were hilarious as usual but i knew that and mostly wanted to shout you out for easily being one of the most important members of our team, MILBONK

bbeeaa BEA I.... had fun getting to know u a lil bit and appreciated having u on the team even when there were heart attacks from your mobile gaming adventures. enjoy your vacation as best as u can and thanks for the OU help as well

EviGaro u are easily one of my oldest friends on this site and it was very fulfilling that you me and Heysup got to finish what Battle Girls started, thank you for jumping into the horrors of BW for us (not at gunpoint @everyone) and in general for being awesome. my bad for baiting you about the failed upbid at the beginning but HEY it worked out

avarice the cheesemaster shed his title until the final week, i know you're not 100% happy with some of your lines in the games, but you still held your own in SM going even, and i appreciated supporting a slot that didn't mind using weird shit a ton, we built new teams almost every week and in SM that's an accomplishment. u were obvs super active and a great teammate, don't let your tough ending to the tour sour some of your best games as well.

crayon pop canada rep, i had legitimately zero idea of what was going to happen when you started playing games, but turns out ur pretty frickin great so that worked out, it was fun seeing you mncmt and hsa compete to see who could play the least, as well as talk random stuff whenever u were around. good luck to the Warriors this playoffs :pray:

HSA i'm pretty sure u hate this game most of the time but ur so automatic at gsc uu that it really didn't matter, sad we couldn't get SPL together but at least we have this as a consolation, thank u for making my life easier and not having me relearn the Thunder tier. milbonk-HSA truly confirmed our win as well, legendary stuff

Heysup without fail i could log onto PS in the morning and have the challenge notification within thirty seconds at most, ur commitment to grinding tests out is goated and u got to show off some rlly awesome builds, hopefully the extreme chattiness of our server didn't bother u that much ROFL. Drifblim will get his moment in the sun next year with a win for sure

Jisoo Cool Joe! u subbed into like four random tiers when we asked and never complained, and i am now 2/2 winning tours with u as a teammate so clearly everyone should just draft us together, keep slaying and i forgive you for changing your pfp...

Aliss in another universe u started but in this one your only game i sabotaged with mono ice beam latias sorry not sorry ily anyway, seems like u had fun getting carried to the win regardless.

mncmt u suck (i'm just really tired and you already know how good u are, thnx for slaying pdt twice and not fucking up the draft bestie)

dingbat's victims: cy Spl4sh because i decided to write these at midnight i forgot u both, like jisoo u were tossed into shit and given recycled teams to make the best of before we stopped being lazy, not ideal for a player!! it was still a pleasure to have u both and even if u hate me for forgetting at least you still will have the custom avi (Team Doja all the way)

5-3 in my main tier is not incredible, but with getting tough draw in finals and having to support most tiers I'm just happy I feel like I lived up to my price tag which was the worry at the beginning. From outside the team thank you to many people, but primarily Lyss umbry passion Indigo Plateau Askov Meru for your help to me personally, Kristyl for the insane crack you gave us free of charge, gum for contributing more than most of our subs, Bouff Pak robjr vivalospride who i don't think we did all that much together this season but I would be remiss not to mention as some of my oldest UU related friends. A UUPL Win was one of the two things I considered myself still really desiring when coming back, with the last hopefully being an official trophy somewhere down the line, but I am going to savor this win for awhile and take a quick break to recharge.

Sisters Win!!!!!

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Grats to the sisters, very good performance from start to finish, especially in ss where it always seemed like the had a leg up on a lot of other teams. Also big props to the stars. After how the start of the season went it would’ve been super easy to pack it in but you guys seemed to really come together and almost took it all. Also shoutout to pdt specifically for putting all the pieces together and putting on a dominant showing like he’s always been capable of in these tours.


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holy fuck we did(n't do) it

I sure can put these long posts off for a long time my god. First off, ggs sisters, this finals was an Experience for sure, and even though it was definitely a disaster it was still pretty entertaining so at least the spectators won. Our side was definitely burned the hell out and it showed in this series, our prep was done at the last second and turned out pretty sloppy. I definitely overestimated my ability to support (and play LMFAO) our SS properly, something something dogshit tier but no one to blame for that but myself. Regardless I regret nothing about the boys we drafted and I'm quite happy with how my first shot at managing turned out. Our team environment was A1 and we had a great time on top of bringing our rough start of the season all the way back to finals. I definitely learned a ton from this experience as a manager and wanna do it again sometime for sure so hopefully only up from here etc etc

esche my alcoholic stepfather who drug me by the johnson to sign up to manage in the first place, glad I took you up on that one. Jumping in to keep the (rebranded) franchise in finals was a good ride and glad we teamed up to share in all the definitely all metaphorical wall punching and definitely all internal screaming through the season. Getting in the lab every week with someone in dpp is definitely always a magical experience and we didn't always see eye to eye on everything but ratio + you invented subtox houndoom + got us to not use Milotic for a couple weeks + didn't snake raichy with Dig on an Assist team. After our initial draft plans kinda fell apart mid auction I'm definitely proud of our work pulling it back and ending up with the team we did. Didn't even need the belt to get us back to work after the rough patch in the middle everyone just fuckin wanted it.

Killintime my flooping brother, was really nice finally having a good run teaming with one of my longest time friends on this site. I was incredibly sure getting you was a great investment leading up to and during the draft, so much so that esche and I literally stunted our early draft when we got upbid to make sure we got you. Having esche getting used to your Built Different™ clause made for some of the best interactions on our team. In all seriousness you have one of the most unique general takes on mons in general I've seen in my time on smogon, and using it as a weapon to strike fear in to the hearts of the ORAS pool every year is a great time, glad you were churning out wins for us. And have some confidence dude the thought of playing you literally makes pak and garay shit their pants LMAO

pdt you proving the haters wrong all season had to have been the absolute highlight of this entire tournament. Fuck It Bo3 Pdt was but a meme between esche and myself for quite a while but in retrospect I am super happy we went all in on that gamble. You absolutely killed it and were the absolute cornerstone of our team both for environment and getting as far as we did, keeping everyone in a good mood and motivated on top of the goldmine of logs you left us throughout the season. As you did say after semis, we did get a lot closer over this tour and I genuinely hope we get to team again sometime hopefully soon, just sucks that your price is gonna be astronomically higher than the absolute steal we got you as this tour. Gotta say you have a great mentality for this game that helps you go this far, and it was a nice foil to my permanent doomer mode all season (read: year, eternity, etc). Hope you get to pull up in some bigger stuff like WCoP and SCL soon like you said you wanted to, you definitely deserve to have a shot up there in them Viable Tiers.

Snowy :ojama: you really got like an entire third of smogon mad with the most committed larp in history :tymp: Thank you for giving us minions your blessing as long as you did kingpin....
Actually though just like kt was nice teaming with a long time friend, even if I was planning on just keeping you as a sub until things went pretty poorly for us in current gen. I really do feel awful about subjecting a friend to SS UU against their will LMAO but I'm quite glad you stepped up for us and led us to a couple dubs after I slobbered all over my keyboard into an 0-4. Shiba sending me a pm of "get snofu the beatdown ong" was highkey the best advice I've taken in many months

Amukamara another goddamn GOAT. Don't exactly remember when you decided to randomly pick up BW but you've murdered the pool every time and of course this was no different. I've personally never been able to make sense of that clusterfuck of a tier so I always find it really damn impressive for someone to be so consistent with it and always love to see it when it's you carrying our asses all season. You're also a guy I feel like I've gotten to know a lot better over the course of this season and was glad to have you partake in our barclay boomer call culture through the season.

mmmungh The Strap glad you stuck around in the chat even though you were super tilted out of mons, your blessing got us all the way here. You and I teaming for things now has a 2/3 record of miraculous playoff runs, kinda starting to see a sign here........ Your daily @ everyones were crucial to our success as usual despite what Cora may tell the world

Fakee glad we picked you up man, I regret not subbing you in sooner, your record woulda definitely reflected how well you really did here and I'm sure the luck woulda evened out over a whole season. You actually played your ass off every damn game and made the most dire matchups and luck come down to some super close games that were literally a crit or double tect away from being won. Anyone would be dumb as bricks to underrate you after actually taking a look at your performance this tour. Once you're not held back by my shitty SS support capabilities I know you'll be fire :tymp:

Corazan I know this wasn't really Your Tour but I still enjoyed having you around a lot man. You're a lot better as a player than these results would suggest and yknow everyone eventually has these kinda tours eventually. Still after all that you did win for us when it really mattered and did a decent job of turning the 0-2 start around. My one regret is not swapping you into SS when I could tell you really wanted to, the true destination of all French players, where you definitely woulda done better than me at least. Will remind myself of the Laws Of The Universe next time.

Torchic yet another goat who had a really rough start to the season and completely turned it around. 0-4 is a really tough start to mentally recover from but even in your losses you were still playing your ass off and as soon as you started getting some good matchups you stomped everyone when it really mattered. The adaptation you made from RBY to GSC was perfect as the season went on and hopefully people put some respect on your name for some other old gens, I know you wanted to branch out to more of them at some point. Also one of the my proudest accomplishments of the season was having you accept the dice rolls, even though you didn't really need em to start winning.

And in that vein, Hydronics I will not lie at the beginning of the tour I was pretty unconvinced but esche stood pretty firmly by picking you up and now after this season I don't regret it either. I was pretty lost in GSC throughout most of this tour and you managed to be a massive help in that department and rly led us down the more offensive route that let Torchic start winning games. I wish we coulda given you some games yourself but shit just didn't work out that way since we kinda just ended up with a much bigger team than average. Glad we were your first team tour experience, hope it was a good one.

ProDigeZz glad we decided to pick you up as always. A couple of the games early on almost made me turn into a non-believer admittedly, but of course that was going against the natural order.... As soon as we put you back in those were exactly the kinda games I was trying to see, 3 straight super clutch wins that we really needed at the time(s), turned completely around and all played phenomenally. I know you were also pretty busy through the season with a new job and all that so would like for you to stick around for more UU stuff and team again + see you in slam playoffs this year, keep it up boss.

Plas farming ADV once again just like old times This year our prep was super lazy since all roads for us led back to Granbull Amph and Slowking and ADV in general has just been really stale as of late. But damn I didn't think going into week 1 we'd end up being the guys with 4 teams and a dream. Needless to say now but back then if there was anyone I could trust with pulling up with the same few teams all season and still getting dubs it'd have been you easily. Always a pleasure to have you around outside of shitting on Solrock as well, we should talk Smash more sometime.

Raichy I think this was actually the first time we teamed for anything official-ish, glad we finally could do it. You're an absolute machine in game and I'm super happy we got you to be our pilot for the stuff we were cooking up in DPP. Your record shoulda been WAY better too if not for the cursed ass Milotics we seemed to keep giving you on top of the unforgivable act of me snaking your epic Assist gameplay. I really dug myself a hole with that one... Fr though I hope we can team again soon, your ability to play literally anything at a high level has always been pretty damn impressive and it feels pretty good to have that on your side every week.

ez you're a pretty funny guy and was nice to have you around. I definitely blame myself for making actually playing tough on you, as I've said a million times by now I severely overestimated my ability to support SS and couldn't really get you up to speed the way I should've as a manager. Thanks for putting up with it. Praying on our opponent's downfall did work very well for us so thank you for teaching us the ways. The guy that hacked your first discord account trying to schedule with raptor for you was also one of the best moments of the season LMAO

QWILY I really appreciated how much you were just there for the team all season, from being our clutch sub several times to all the pretty scouts and all that good shit. In retrospect I shoulda had you playing more especially with how far you've been going in open now, but damn I really spent this entire season turning being indecisive into a personality trait. All the scouting and shit really kinda held us together in playoffs where I literally couldn't organize my clusterfuck of thoughts all week in a good way. Smogon needs more teammates like you man.

Armada sorry your debut went poorly but stick with it, I saw the Potential before the season and don't regret picking you up. Keep at it, you'll be getting there in due time. Literally drafted this guy because of the absolute gigachad energy of telling me I wouldn't regret picking him the day before the auction so anyone new-ish reading this wanting to get in to this tour and shit, sometimes the move is just throwing confidence at wall and hoping for the best. You can also tell I've spent too long writing this now that I'm just rambling about random shit loooool. ANYWAYS, Armada keep doing what you're doing, the first game in UUPL is a bit stressful always, you'll be killing it before long

Non team but also s/o my OTHER other long-time friend eden for HIDING IN UU with us and mashing test games while I wasn't around. Don't tag Ojama or talk about Riverdale challenge [IMPOSSIBLE] :eden:

TSR holy shit you suck lmfao


Ojama (Austrailian Edition) x The Strap 2022 ggs everyone cya next year


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Just some few words to say that it was one of the funniest tournament Ive ever done after last year's edition where I was on the bench and had 10 lines in the server given that the chat was full Brazilian. Esche it was so fun to team and be under you after so long and ur just one of those people that you dont want to disappoint when you’re playing for them so even if we didnt make it I hope you’re happy with the result still. TSR !!! You’re really something dude, you were the soul and the hearth of the team and you malding at the adv games every week was the funniest thing ever, I didnt know you at all but Im so glad we teamed up given how great you are, dont beat yourself too much on your games, I just think our comprehension of the tier was suboptimal the early weeks given how hard it is and sadly someone on the team had to pay for that and it was you. No need to say we wouldnt have make it this far without you, I really hope you'll be able to find the little bit of confidence you lack bc thats all you need to kill it. pdt liam you guys are very very skilled at the game and as I said in the discord I can't wait to fight you in any tour soon, thanks for the help throught the tour even If next time I'll def wont test with you again liam LOL you traumatized me enough. qwily fake armada it was so great to talk with you about my two fav hobbies which are football and music, I really hope we'll meet again soon, the tour would have been weird without you guys. Its a shame the two most active members of the team werent part of it, eden with this and SPL I can safely and objectively say that you're all what a team can ask for bro, as for sirwings get this man for next year wtf he carried our ass kinda hard in SS.
The tour went kinda mid for me, I did my best to improve and wake up after the first 3 disastrous weeks going 3-3 with 2 games against ODR where it was quite difficult to do something I think. I just hope I'll be drafted for the next tour its always so fun to play one of my favs tiers, i'll def do better.
To the rest of the team we didnt really talk much but thank you guys for all your efforts put in this tour it really means a lot, we did it all together.
The Strap I will never forget about this.

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