Project UU Secret Santa 2021

All Secret Santa pairings have now been completed, and all requests have been sent out! As a reminder, everyone has until Wednesday, December 22nd 2021 @ 11:59PM GMT-5 (EST) to submit the completed teams to me. Feel free to ask for help if you need it, and I will do my best to help out with building!

By the way...the most requested Pokemon was :sneasel: Sneasel. Interesting :smogthink:
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Loving the finished teams I've been sent so far, everyone! One reminder (that I forgot to point out :psywoke:) - when you make the paste, make sure you do it while NOT logged in to Pokemon Showdown, or the recipient will be able to see who made it! I can always edit this later by redoing the paste if needed, so no big deal if you forget, but it'll save me a step if you do remember!
Hi everyone, just reminding that we are about halfway to the deadline for teams to be submitted. I still need quite a few people to submit teams - if you need help building, please let me know!
Hey everyone, update from me with 2 days to go until the submission deadline. As I'm sure you're aware, Mienshao was just banned from UU, and this obviously can have an impact on the teams you all built for this. I'm not going to make anyone redo their teams for this, even if the team submitted contained Mienshao - the fun of the project is in building, giving, and receiving, after all - but if anyone would like to redo the teams they sent, you are more than welcome to. I will also try to be as available as I can to help with building/rebuilding any teams before them deadline. If the deadline has to be extended a day or two to help with this, that's fine as well - it can be extended if need be. Good luck with building everyone!
To whoever made me my triple pivot team, thank you so much! It's absolutely perfect!

Also going to talk a bit about the team that I made:
:mienshao: :aegislash: :ribombee: :thundurus-therian: :hydreigon: :azumarill:

My Secret Santa requested SD Mienshao + any Aegislash set. When I saw SD Shao as the request, the first thing that immediately came to mind was Webs HO, since non-Scarf Shao sets tend to struggle with their Speed tiers. From there the whole team just kind of came together. The Aegi set is WP SD to fit with the HO, Ribombee is the Webs setter, and then we have the usual HO suspects Thundy-T, Drei, and Azu. Kind of a basic team, and Mienshao has now been banned so this team is now unusable, but hopefully whoever asked for it is satisfied with it!
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