UU Smogcast Tonight - Ask Questions Here!

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what matters is our plan!
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There will be a UU smogcast tonight, scheduled to start at 6:00 PST. It will be streamed on this channel and then uploading it to the main one:

Ask us questions about the UU metagame in this thread, and we will discuss some of them on the show. I will make sure to post a link to the stream once it has started.
what effect do you think Victini is having on the metagame?
do you think the tier has adapted to Victini? personally I think the tournament meta has but the ladder is a long way off
How would you rate the various spikers filling the void after Froslass' ban?
Do you have a team template or teambuilding trick you use for the majority of your teams, and if so, what is it?
What do you think the most anti-meta Pokemon in UU is right now?
Do you have any ladder tips for newer users hoping to achieve voting requirements?
Is there a Pokemon you really wish was great in UU, but that unfortunately sucks?
What are each of you guys' favorite/most effective playstyles and how do you use them effectively?

What is one pokemon you always end up running on your teams and why?
Why is Kokoloko so serious?

How would you describe the current state of the meta? Offensive or defensive?

General consensus of the Suspect thread in the forums?

Even though Victini is stupidly broken, do you think the mass will agree and ban it?

If you could re-test a suspect, which one would it be?

What realistic Pokemon to drop from OU to UU (even though that's impossible now) would have highly affected the UU metagame?

What is the most influential "lower tiered" Pokemon in the UU metagame?

Most underrated offensive threat?

Most underrated defensive threat?

Again, why so serious?


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How do you avoid having "6 teamslot syndrome" when building a stall team? To me it always feels like I am down a few teamslots because of necessary things that have to be put on the team.


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What do you think of some non-UU mons such as as Venomoth? What is the most overrated Pokémon in UU?
How do you deal with hazards? Even with the banning of Froslass, Spikes are still a bitch to handle when UU spinners are overall fairly mediocre Pokemon. Have you guys adapted to hazards in other ways (Taunt, using things that aren't too hazard weak), or are they still as big of a bitch for you as they are for me?
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